The 7Smoke 10th Anniversary Awards - Categories & Knockout Ballot
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Ten years of 7Smoke is an event which must be celebrated to great extent, and that's exactly what we're doing! The 7Smoke 10th Anniversary Awards are coming soon, and just like previous years, we'll be commemorating the previous year within...

"Event of the Year" 2020 recaps
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Need Event of the Month recaps? We got Event of the Month recaps! Welcome to the 7Smoke Awards 2020 recap article from the community-voted best events from each month. Hopefully this will help jog your memory for what happened during each of the...

The 7Smoke Awards 2019! Winner recap
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In a recap article of which the format was totally not copied from last year's or anything - here are the winners from the 7Smoke Awards 2019, on which we held the Ceremony just last Wednesday! A sincere thank you to everyone who attended this...

The 7Smoke Awards 2019! Candidates revealed with Nominee Ballot
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First of all I want to thank everyone who voted in the Knockout Ballot we held last week! It allowed us to get in some nice nomination candidates for the much more important Nominee Ballot! This one I do definitely want you to vote on. It's...

The 7Smoke Awards 2019! Knockout Ballot begins
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With 2019 now behind us, it is time for the annual tradition of the 7Smoke Awards - where we look back on the year before and decide what made it so great. Expect this year's Awards to be crazier than ever before!

That's right, the 7Smoke...

7Smoke's Stream Nights -- Best of!
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Streaming in 7Smoke wasn’t always the common activity that it is today. When we started the stream nights a bit over 2 months ago we didn’t think that they’d be as successful as they have been, and we’re happy to say that we have had some amazing...

7Smoke Streams
#Attention all Twitch 7Smoke Streamers!
Attention all Twitch 7Smoke Streamers!

Every year we like to try to spice up our October activities and this year we decided to take advantage of Discord’s new stream function. The stream’s from October were very well received and we’ll be trying...

Halloween Special - Spooky Sam Mods!
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Halloween is here, so let’s check out what the Serious Sam workshop can offer us!

Bad Moon Bog (Serious Sam 3: BFE)
Seeking shelter from the approaching darkness and the monsters lurking in the wilderness, you have arrived at a desolate cabin in...

Event Recap: Week 39, 2019
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Hello everyone, welcome to another weekly event recap!

In case you aren't active over at our Discord server, many of our members have been busy watching or hosting streams lately. This year’s October brought back 7Smoke’s Spooky themed activities...

Event Recap: Week 38, 2019
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Hello everyone!
It is me again, I'm gonna be helping out with this last week's event recap once again! brutefully forced by Roy

This recap will go over the events we had during the last week of September as we prepare for what's in store during...