Event Recap: Week 29, 2019
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap
Our friendship with Battle Bolts has ended. Quake 3 Arena is now our best friend.

Friday we gave everyone the opportunity to schedule their own events on this Underground Day. While the day itself was quiet - we just assume everyone was a bit...

7Smoke Tennis 2018: Red Edition - Development Update!
#7Smoke Tennis

The crew behind 7Smoke Tennis 2018 has been working hard on the second and last iteration of the project.

The Red Edition is slated to be a 10-level campaign mod for the Serious Sam Fusion 2017 game.

Just two weeks ago, we entered the Alpha...

Event Recap: Week 28, 2019
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap
This week is just the start of our transformation into a Doom mod group.
Creds to Roy and anomalous for this recap!

Wednesday is usually when we talk about the weekly Battle Bolts event - but after this one, we're taking a long break from them!...

What's Smokin?! interview: "Know the Member" with Brkya!
#What's Smokin?! #Interview #Know the Member

The Interviewer: Welcome to today's new "Know the Member" episode! Today, here in my cave, we sit with one of the newer 7Smoke members - Brkya!
Hello, Brkja, how are you feeling?

Brkya: Hello Interviewer! I was feeling quite okay,...

Event Recap: Week 27, 2019
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap #Event of the Month
Welcome to the opposite half of 2019, where the non-Serious Sam events get more people than Serious Sam events.

Wednesday was, yet again, time for Battle Bolts! Last week our joint event with Croteam went pretty okay, but sadly a lot of the...

7Smoke's Slow Summer Simoleons
#What's Smokin?!
Although the Steam Summer Sale is ending any moment now, there's a chance some of you still have remaining money in your Steam Wallet, but the problem is that you're not sure what you should spend it on. So just like we did with this article back...

Event Recap: Week 26, 2019
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap #Event of the Month
Starting off the new month, hopefully a fruitious one, with a big recap!

Wednesday, we... "wait a minute!", I hear you say. "The event week started that early? On Wednesday?". Okay, you're likely not actually saying that, but...

What's Smokin?! #109 (June 2019)
#What's Smokin?! #Monthly Recap

What's Smokin?! #109 - June of 2019

As you'll find out, this monthly recap is... rather barren. The truth is, 7Smoke is dead there's just not too much to cover these days, and most of our staff is setting priorities elsewhere. Sure, sure,...

Mod on the Spot - Serious Strike
#What's Smokin?! #Mod on the Spot

Hiya, I’m nano. I’ll be your narrator today for this seventh special episode of "Mod on the Spot". And today, I’ll tell you a story about the creation of a certain mod called Serious Strike.

It mostly started back in December of...

Event Recap: Week 25, 2019
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap
Now 30% off!
This recap isn't even my product - it was made possible by the collaboration of Pan, Danker and Gaz!
Thanks to these three wonderful people!

Friday, we played Neotokyo - a Counter-Strike like FPS. Joining together with the main...