Mod on the Spot - Serious Strike
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Hiya, I’m nano. I’ll be your narrator today for this seventh special episode of "Mod on the Spot". And today, I’ll tell you a story about the creation of a certain mod called Serious Strike.

It mostly started back in December of...

Event Recap: Week 25, 2019
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This recap isn't even my product - it was made possible by the collaboration of Pan, Danker and Gaz!
Thanks to these three wonderful people!

Friday, we played Neotokyo - a Counter-Strike like FPS. Joining together with the main...

Event Recap: Week 24, 2019
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Read it while it's still free!
Thanks to Lapper Snapper and Roy (and Global)!

Friday - guess what - it's Battle Bolts again! This time we focused only on the newest Racing gamemode, where 4 people race to their goal tile, while dodging the...

Event Recap: Week 23, 2019
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A much more humble weekend after the previous one.
Special thanks to Roy O'Bannon and nano!

Friday was the time for another Battle Bolts Fight Night! We started out with the regular versus game mode - simply where you have to outsmart your...

Croteam Spotlight - May
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Time to look back at the previous month and check out all the Croteam-related news in the fourth episode of our “Croteam Spotlight”! May has been a pretty active month for Croteam, so let’s get started.

Battle Bolts out of Early Access!

Event Recap: Week 22, 2019
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It's June already!
Special thanks to Roy and Global102 for assisting in this recap.

Thursday night was when we hosted the first official multiplayer event for Battle Bolts - called “Fight Night”. For the third week in a row, we gathered in...

What's Smokin?! #108 (May 2019)
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What's Smokin?! #108 - May of 2019

As you might have noticed, this month was rather quiet. Well, it's simply not so active on the news front. As well, I am taking a slight break from the article writing these days. Even the fun things get...

Event Recap: Week 21, 2019
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This article was written by the unpaid intern, Stephen.

Saturday we fulfilled the 7Smoke tradition of playing a new Croteam game on the day of its release. And while there's certainly no Serious Sam 4 come out yet, we did finally receive the full...

Mod on the Spot - Fatum's World
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Welcome to the sixth episode of "Mod on the Spot" - the series where we look back on the older Serious Sam Workshop mods which have had a great impact on our 7Smoke events, but also ones which haven't been relevant in a while - and...

Event Recap: Week 20, 2019
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Here's a quick recap before I die of fatigue playing Team Sonic Racing all night.

Saturday was a bit of a mess. Our initial idea was to host a Serious Sam Fusion event on Adventures of Pesko - a campaign mod which was ported over to Fusion...