Event Recap: Week 19, 2019
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A much more humble weekend after the previous one.
Special thanks to Global102 and Psychesponge!

Saturday Saturday was a Fusion event where we played two custom campaigns. The first one was The Nether - Part I, made by Potaru-Neko. At the...

Croteam Spolight - April
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Time to look back at the previous month and check out all the Croteam-related news in the third episode of our “Croteam Spotlight”! This month we’ve got exciting news to share about two Croteam Incubator games, and maybe an interesting tidbit...

Event Recap: Week 18, 2019
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Why have two events in a week when you can have double that amount?
Special thanks to Lapper Snapper, Roy and nano for covering this recap for me.

This extra long recap for Alien Swarm in particular was written by Lapper Snapper and I’ve decided...

What's Smokin?! interview: "Know the Member" with Vanya!
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The Interviewer: Hello everyone! Welcome to another "Know Da Memba" interview! This time we will be interviewing another super old member, Danker! Or as most of you will know him as, Vanya! Hello Danker, how are you today?


What's Smokin?! #107 (April 2019)
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What's Smokin?! #107 - April of 2019

This month was an interesting one! With tons of events, the beginning of Tennis voice casting and the Serious Sam 4 article, April has some unique columns and announcements under its belt.

Event Recaps

Event Recap: Week 17, 2019
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap
I want to joke about Homer Simpson... but I haven't watched the Simpsons enough to make a clever reference.

Saturday was finally a continuation of an event we had left behind for the longest time - our Serious Sam 2 playthrough concluded as we...

Event Recap: Week 16, 2019
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No witty comments. It was just a great event week.

Friday was an event with unusually high success! Most of the time, Sven Co-op only gathers a dedicated few, but at this event we gathered up a full server! We started off playing on some Egyptian...

Serious Sam 4's lesser known confirmed facts
#Serious Sam

It's been over a full year since this teaser trailer was revealed by Croteam at Reboot Develop 2018.

There haven't been too many official announcements since, other than the fact that Serious Sam 4 is in development.
But there are still many...

Serious Sam's voice is running a Kickstarter!
#Not an ad - we promise
Visit the Hammered kickstarter right here!
But wait, what's Hammered? Read on and you'll know!

Our dear friend and the man behind the voice of Serious Sam, John J. Dick, has been hard at work shaping his very own board game, that has mixtures...

Event Recap: Week 15, 2019
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Friday we returned to a mod that we had not even touched since 2013! While this isn't a Serious Sam mod... well, actually, it kind of is! If you've ever heard of Serious Sam: The Retro Encounter before this event, then you can call yourself old,...