Croteam Spolight - February
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We are starting a brand new series on our website - “Croteam Spotlight”! Posted at the end of every month, this is a rubric in which we will try to summarize all of the news from Croteam in the past month and deliver them straight to you, the...

Event Recap: Week 8, 2019
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Gee, February, how come you get to have 3 events on the same game?

Saturday was our expected weekly fix of Serious Sam, this time taking the occasion to celebrate the birthday of one of the group's oldest members - Biomech gets his own Birthday...

What's Smokin?! interview: "Know the Member" with Mauritsio!
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The Interviewer: Hello ladies and gentlemen! After a criminally long absence, we will continue interviewing some famous celebrities: John Dick, Roy O'Bannon, Binx Interactive - and today, the brightest star of them all - Mauritsio, one of our...

The Best of 7Smoke Awards (so far)
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It's been well over a month since we held the ceremony for the 7Smoke Awards of 2018, where we celebrated our big 7th anniversary. And even now, we're preparing for 2019 through the Event of the Month polls, and hoping it'll be even wackier than...

Event Recap: Week 7, 2019
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No QC:DE this time - we almost had three of the same events per week in a row! That would've been a new record...
(Thanks to Pan for helping with this recap!)

Saturday started off the weekend with some... vanilla BFE versus? What's this - have we...

AMA with Binx Interactive - The Answers!
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Two weeks ago we announced that we would be hosting an AMA session with the team behind “I Hate Running Backwards”, Binx Interactive, who are also a part of the Croteam Incubator. And now we have the answers to your questions! We hope you find...

Mod on the Spot - 7Smoke Encounters
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Welcome to the fourth episode of "Mod on the Spot" - it has been some time since the previous article but there are still plenty of old mods integral to 7Smoke history to talk about.

And for this highlight, the mod which we'll be...

Event Recap: Week 6, 2019
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Wednesday was our Cinema event for this week! As you may know, 7Smoke Cinema is back every Wednesday. And, Shaggy has been a very trending meme lately - so the group decided to dedicate a event to Lord Shaggy's name - by hosting a 7Smoke...

7Smoke’s Underground Events
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As the group kept on growing more and more over the last few years, group members would gather to play games of their own accord - organizing their own events outside of official 7Smoke ones. As these events became more and more commonplace, we...

Event Recap: Week 5, 2019
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Already we're seeing February going in the right direction. And Event of the Month is back for round 2019!
Credits to Lapper Snapper and noam 2000 for helping out with this recap!

Saturday - an event focused around Ivan's greatest need, his only...