Event Recap: Week 7, 2019
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No QC:DE this time - we almost had three of the same events per week in a row! That would've been a new record...
(Thanks to Pan for helping with this recap!)

Saturday started off the weekend with some... vanilla BFE versus? What's this - have we...

AMA with Binx Interactive - The Answers!
#Croteam Incubator #I Hate Running Backwards #Interview

Two weeks ago we announced that we would be hosting an AMA session with the team behind “I Hate Running Backwards”, Binx Interactive, who are also a part of the Croteam Incubator. And now we have the answers to your questions! We hope you find...

Mod on the Spot - 7Smoke Encounters
#What's Smokin?! #Mod on the Spot

Welcome to the fourth episode of "Mod on the Spot" - it has been some time since the previous article but there are still plenty of old mods integral to 7Smoke history to talk about.

And for this highlight, the mod which we'll be...

Event Recap: Week 6, 2019
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap #Event of the Month

Wednesday was our Cinema event for this week! As you may know, 7Smoke Cinema is back every Wednesday. And, Shaggy has been a very trending meme lately - so the group decided to dedicate a event to Lord Shaggy's name - by hosting a 7Smoke...

7Smoke’s Underground Events
#What's Smokin?!
As the group kept on growing more and more over the last few years, group members would gather to play games of their own accord - organizing their own events outside of official 7Smoke ones. As these events became more and more commonplace, we...

Event Recap: Week 5, 2019
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap #Event of the Month
Already we're seeing February going in the right direction. And Event of the Month is back for round 2019!
Credits to Lapper Snapper and noam 2000 for helping out with this recap!

Saturday - an event focused around Ivan's greatest need, his only...

What's Smokin?! #104 (January 2019)
#What's Smokin?! #Monthly Recap

What's Smokin?! #104 - January of 2019

2019 starts off strong as we celebrate the group's seventh anniversary - so of course, this phenomenon would be taking center stage. The 7Smoke Awards dominated this month, and the preparations needed for it...

AMA with Binx Interactive!
#Croteam Incubator #Interview
Early last month, we hosted an interview with none other than the voice actor of Serious Sam, John J. Dick. And we’re continuing the trend of interviewing Croteam people - we will now host a interview with the Croteam Incubator team Binx...

Event Recap: Week 4, 2019
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap
In the words of Roy - "wow, January has too many good events. We need to make February suck."

Saturday was the time to try out a new release for Fusion! Yes, finally, some good new content came out in the form of Ryason55's SeriousForts...

7Years 7Smoke: The Anniversary
#What's Smokin?! #Anniversary 2019

I remember this moment from way back in 2014, when we were celebrating our group’s 2nd anniversary. We were making jokes and memes about how the group would be seven years old someday - and here we are anyway. I would never have expected 7Smoke...