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7Years 7Smoke: Event of the Month Runner-Ups
A few days ago you were all able to vote on your Event of the Year for 2018. The nominees from this category were the winners of every month's Event of the Month. On the flip-side, that means that a lot of other events had to be neglected. Some of...

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The 7Smoke Awards 2018: Winners! (+ event recap for Week 3)
#What's Smokin?! #7Smoke Awards #Event Recap

As of writing, Sunday 20th of January, the 7Smoke Awards are just behind us. Thank you so much to everyone who came - it was a blast all the way through with so many laughs and amazing(?) shitposting at the start, creating "Rewind"...

7Years 7Smoke: Event Statistics
#Anniversary 2019

7Smoke is turning 7Years on January 22nd - next Tuesday! For that reason, we have prepared all kinds of cool stuff for the group - one of them being a lengthy amount of 7Smoke event statistics which we’re going to show in this article!

For this...

Event Recap: Week 2, 2019
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap
Do you ever eat a breathmint?

Saturday we played through a newly updated campaign for Fusion - the Serious Duke 3D campaign by Syndroid - turning the entirety of the original Duke Nukem 3D's campaign into a playable set of Fusion levels! Well,...

Announcing the 7Smoke Awards 2018!
#What's Smokin?! #7Smoke Awards

We have another great year behind us, and now it is time to formally close it. Welcome to the 7Smoke Awards 2018!

The 7Smoke Awards 2018 is our third annual 7Smoke Awards, where members look back at everything that happened during the previous...

Event Recap: Week 1, 2019
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap #Event of the Month
You know the new year is off to a great start when people are already calling these events "Event of the Year 2019"!

Friday events are mostly underground events nowadays - it really is mostly considered the underground day of 7Smoke....