What's Smokin?! #103 (December 2018)
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What's Smokin?! #103 - December of 2018

You could call this last month for 2018 the month of Tennis - with the Blue Edition releasing this month and all the festivities surrounding it. And of course the Holidays brought with it many more...

Event Recap: Week 52, 2018
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For the final event of 2018, we went... skateboards?!
Shoutout to Pan for writing tonight's entire event recap!

Saturday, about 6-8 of us got together to play Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, the Belmont Walking Simulator, in multiplayer! We...

7Smoke looks back on 2018
#What's Smokin?!

It's been a long year behind us, making some great strides this year both in events and gaining new members. So, to look back at our favourite memories, I asked a few members the question "what are your most remarkable 7Smoke-related...

Mod on the Spot - Serious Christmas
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Welcome to the third episode of "Mod on the Spot" - in which we believe the perfect time to talk about Christmas mods is right after Christmas. What, who's gonna stop me from doing this?

For this highlight, we're looking at a campaign...

Event Recap: Week 51, 2018
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap
The weekend before Christmas marked a double whammy of old and new Fusion content - and it's one of our greatest weeks so far.

Saturday was our second episode in the Modder Marathon events, where we play through a collection of one person's best...

7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition - Behind the Scenes
#7Smoke Tennis
With the 7Smoke Tennis 2018 Blue Release Event now behind us, we're having a look back on the development process of the mappack. What happened behind the curtains during all those months? Enjoy this very long read detailing the creation from...

7Smoke's Stocking Stuffers
#What's Smokin?!
With the Steam Winter Sale underway, we asked some members about what kind of games they would totally recommend to everyone else. Simply put, that gem of a game that's gone under the radar and deserves a little spotlight. Read our five...

Event Recap: Week 50, 2018
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap
A great mix of a nice UNO MAS and one new Fusion release this week!
Yeah, it's a day late again. Starting from next week this will no longer happen for a while, promise.

Saturday's buzzword was "betrayal". In more than just one ways...

7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition - releases today!
#7Smoke Tennis
The 7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition has been released to the Steam Workshop!

Download it here!

After a very long time in the making, 7Smoke Tennis 2018 Blue is finally out on the Workshop today! (Man, remember when we called it 2017? How naive...

7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition - Voice Actor's Demo Reel
#7Smoke Tennis
With Tennis 2018 Blue coming out in two days, we decided to make a video showing off the vocal performances of every single voice actor in the campaign.
Please enjoy this demo reel as you look forward to the mod's release next Sunday!