The Best of 7Smoke Royal Rumble (so far)
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Smokemania and the 7Smoke Royal Rumble is a yearly-occurring video series curated by Pan, in which 7Smoke members are turned into avatars in the WWE series of games based on the American wrestling shows. As such, 7Smokers go toe to toe attempting...

What's Smokin?! #103 (December 2018)
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What's Smokin?! #103 - December of 2018

You could call this last month for 2018 the month of Tennis - with the Blue Edition releasing this month and all the festivities surrounding it. And of course the Holidays brought with it many more...

Event Recap: Week 52, 2018
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For the final event of 2018, we went... skateboards?!
Shoutout to Pan for writing tonight's entire event recap!

Saturday, about 6-8 of us got together to play Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, the Belmont Walking Simulator, in multiplayer! We...

7Smoke looks back on 2018
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It's been a long year behind us, making some great strides this year both in events and gaining new members. So, to look back at our favourite memories, I asked a few members the question "what are your most remarkable 7Smoke-related...

Mod on the Spot - Serious Christmas
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Welcome to the third episode of "Mod on the Spot" - in which we believe the perfect time to talk about Christmas mods is right after Christmas. What, who's gonna stop me from doing this?

For this highlight, we're looking at a campaign...

Event Recap: Week 51, 2018
#What's Smokin?! #Event Recap
The weekend before Christmas marked a double whammy of old and new Fusion content - and it's one of our greatest weeks so far.

Saturday was our second episode in the Modder Marathon events, where we play through a collection of one person's best...

7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition - Behind the Scenes
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With the 7Smoke Tennis 2018 Blue Release Event now behind us, we're having a look back on the development process of the mappack. What happened behind the curtains during all those months? Enjoy this very long read detailing the creation from...

7Smoke's Stocking Stuffers
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With the Steam Winter Sale underway, we asked some members about what kind of games they would totally recommend to everyone else. Simply put, that gem of a game that's gone under the radar and deserves a little spotlight. Read our five...

Event Recap: Week 50, 2018
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A great mix of a nice UNO MAS and one new Fusion release this week!
Yeah, it's a day late again. Starting from next week this will no longer happen for a while, promise.

Saturday's buzzword was "betrayal". In more than just one ways...

7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition - releases today!
#7Smoke Tennis
The 7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition has been released to the Steam Workshop!

Download it here!

After a very long time in the making, 7Smoke Tennis 2018 Blue is finally out on the Workshop today! (Man, remember when we called it 2017? How naive...