The 7Smoke Awards 2018: Winners! (+ event recap for Week 3)
By Mauritsio

As of writing, Sunday 20th of January, the 7Smoke Awards are just behind us. Thank you so much to everyone who came - it was a blast all the way through with so many laughs and amazing(?) shitposting at the start, creating "Rewind" memes and people actually using that template Pan made. I'll at the very least admit some of them did make me laugh out loud. - With 30 proud visitors on this event, we tried to go even further by tagging everyone relentlessly - in hopes of making this party even better than it already is, and much better than it could ever hope to be. I do appreciate the sportsmanship from all the nominees - even those who didn't end up winning (in member-focused categories) were appreciative of those who did. That, combined with us watching all kinds of event-related videos in CyTube during the voting, reflecting on all those moments from the past year was a great sight to see. Well, except for the times where we took "shitposting" to a different level, and when we had those intriguing "discussions" to end the Awards on a high note -  but I suppose that's hardly the worst I've seen from 7Smoke in a lifetime. (To anyone not in 7Smoke reading this - it's not what you think, really!)

That being said, here are all the winners! And at the bottom of the article, you'll find the event recap for Saturday's virus event. Thank you all again - we'll be posting more articles in the next few days relating to 7Smoke's anniversary.

Event of the Year
Winner: 7Smoke Cinema - Royal Rumble IV (September, 30th)
Runner-up: Serious Sam Fusion - The 7Smoke Tennis Project 2018: Blue Edition (December, 23rd)
Honorary Nominee: Sven Co-op - Mistake/Coldburn (October, 20th)

New Member of the Year
Winner: The Colourful Man
Runner-up: Brkya
Honorary Nominee: Gaz

$4.99 Club Member of the Year
Winner: Global102
Runner-ups (shared second place): nano & noam 2000

Modder of the Year
Winner: nano
Runner-up: Ryason55
Honorary Nominee: noam 2000

Custom Map of the Year
Winner: 7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition
Runner-up: Plastic Patrol 2: Replastered
Honorary Nominee: Red Day: Episode One

Meme of the Year
Winner: Roy's $4.99 Obsession
Runner-up: Groteam
Honorary Nominees: "WHO DIS?!" and VJ Emmie

Movie of the Year
Winner: The Room
Runner-up: Who Killed Captain Alex?
Honorary Nominee: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Preceding the awards was a small event on Saturday - in which we played the Virus gamemode as one of our last UNO MAS events. Though this timed we spiced up the map selection a little with Quake 3 Arena: Fusion and Serious Fantasy: Fusion. That turned out to be a questionable decision as some of these maps turned out to be either far too large (causing rounds to go on for 15 minutes without any results) or have hiding spots at places unreachable without some high-precision trickery, that dragged on the rounds for a little too long. As you can tell, the rounds we had - they ended up being pretty long, with the occassional Fusion crash in between. It was an event slightly more lengthy than usual, but with the small dozen of us we tried and made the most of it. At least we were able to pass the time with some multi-cultural exchange of languages.