Event Recap: Week 4, 2019
By Mauritsio

In the words of Roy - "wow, January has too many good events. We need to make February suck."

Saturday was the time to try out a new release for Fusion! Yes, finally, some good new content came out in the form of Ryason55's SeriousForts mod, a recreation of another mod called "SourceForts" from Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. It's a totally different spin on the Capture the Flag gamemode - preceding every round, players can set up walls and blocks to prevent the other team from reaching their flag. Of course there's no limits to the kind of creativity you could use during that building phase - elaborate staircases (which, for the record, Harry, are better off used to reach the enemy's flag), guard towers or "funrooms". When you inquire as to what a funroom is, you'll get "a room that is fun", so don't really try to ask further. You simply know or you do not. You'd also get a choice between several class archetypes, of which the Rocketeer lets you use tripmines. I'll leave you with the hint that this has something to do with the funroom. This event was a lot of fun with a quickly filled full server galore, and it even lasted for a good while. Even with "only" 3 maps in this mod, we were quite making the most of it.

Sunday we closed off the week with Roy's second favourite Serious Sam game - none other than Serious Sam's Bogus Detour. Although UNO MAS is now long over, that doesn't mean we can't keep replaying some old maps. In this Versus-oriented event, two new maps also stood at the core here, both made by Loque. The prime attraction is the "Tristram" Deathmatch map. Fans of the original Diablo will recognize it as the game's starting location, and it has been recreated 1:1 by Loque in Bogus Detour! Although there weren't any miniguns in Diablo. You can even interact with the townsfolk for some small dialogue - it's pretty neat, and just the right size for a 12-player packed Versus round with Strike and Muffinatorz going knee to knee with the most kills! After this we also played another map recreation by Loque - "Entryway", or MAP01, from Doom II. Although this one is not a recreation but rather a re-imagining. You'll find the same general layout, some same secrets, but the map has a few new things going for it as well. After this we played the "Payload" mod by one of the game's developers, which is an attack/defend gamemode where the attackers try to push a bomb to the enemy's base. This took up the largest part of the event and raised the stakes for that competitive fire in us - with some very close defeats and victories alike, somehow, we made this game alive again. Oh, and another milestone this event has on its name - it's the first event where Pan played with a two-digit ping! Learn how with this one simple trick...