Event Recap: Week 5, 2019
By Mauritsio

Already we're seeing February going in the right direction. And Event of the Month is back for round 2019!
Credits to Lapper Snapper and noam 2000 for helping out with this recap!

Saturday - an event focused around Ivan's greatest need, his only thought for hours on end - the resors. In this event dubbed "The Old, The New, and The Resors" was a crazy mix of several maps, mods and modes (try saying that five times out loud - quite the tongue-twister!). With maps we try out recent SP/COOP additions such as Harbinger's "Knight's Pavilion" but also some old goodies like "Red Day" and "The Grand Obelisk Enhanced". The common ground for this event is NSKuber's "Shopping Encounter". Here, all pickups are replaced with money items which can be used to bought weapons. And yes, with the help of plentiful resources, we enabled many weapon packs to go along with it like the "DOOM 2016: Resource Pack", and many more impressive collections of firearms. Although it was hard to enjoy this event to its fullest, as bugs due to too many weapons being spawned in (always expect 7Smoke to break whatever boundaries there are) ran afoul and prevented us for finishing any of the levels we played. On the other side of the coin, some "bugs" provided us laughs.

Sunday was a dream come true for most of us... Doom and Quake. Now those were good games. Yep *siiiiiiip*, they don’t make them like they used to. Or do they? In fact, what if I told you that you could play both Quake and Doom at the same time? It sounds like every 30 year old boomer’s dream. And it’s exactly what we did last Sunday. Turns out someone remade the newest installment in the Quake series, Quake Champions as a completely free (That’s right, not even paid lootboxes!) Doom mod! Thanks to nano, who provided us with a server to play it on, we were able to host an event on Quake Champions: Doom Edition. Immediately we noticed that not only does QC: DE have all the content of the game it’s based on, but that it has more maps, characters, gamemodes, customizable options and a much larger player limit! We were able to duke it out on all the classic Quake maps like Campgrounds or (much to Lapper’s dismay) The Longest Yard, and, since this is a fan-made project and can be quite liberal with the content it includes, maps from other popular old school arena games, such as Unreal Tournament’s Morpheus. Along with imported maps, QC: DE also boasts a much larger character roster with famous FPS heroes like Lo Wang (Shadow Warrior), Caleb (Blood), Gordon Freeman (Half-Life), Durandal (Marathon – a game that only one member, anomalouslymandatory, seemed to be familiar with), whose summoned suicide bombers, or “gimps” as we called them, proved to be quite deadly, and many others. In fact, the next update to the mod will include the very character that our group is formed around – Serious Sam himself!
Overall, after 2 hours of non-stop action, the newly titled “20 year old boomer” event was a tremendous success. In fact, it was so successful, that nano has made the event server, aptly named The Boomer Corner, work 24/7! So go get your sunglasses, sip from your can of Monster Energy White and kick some ass!

The Awards Ceremony for 2018 has since passed along. Going into 2019, our seventh year, we're bound to exceed our own expectations with new events and we already have. January has been a terrific beginning to the new year. Even Roy thinks this month is too good, we should focus our efforts to making February suck as much as possible. While I hope that doesn't end up happening, since there's talks of a certain February event which may or may not have been mentioned above being a good qualifier for Event of the Year - for now, it's time to vote on the best from January!

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