7Smoke’s Underground Events

As the group kept on growing more and more over the last few years, group members would gather to play games of their own accord - organizing their own events outside of official 7Smoke ones. As these events became more and more commonplace, we decided to make hosting these unofficial events more convenient and created the #underground channel on our Discord server, where people would be able to announce a starting session - and #underground-chat to go along with it, where members can gather to talk about current and past underground sessions. And with this article, we’ll be covering some of the most recent underground series we’ve had - maybe you’ll come and join us for some of them?

The Forest

After a whole year of randomly picking up the game and not finishing it, this time this group of 7Smokers: namely Roy, Brkya, Global and Fuzblez, decided to finally discover the game’s ending by jumping from adventure to adventure and spending as little time as possible on building a base, finally after 3 or 4 game sessions, they manage to reach the game’s ending for the very first time! Quite the milestone. And let us not forget the Slavic House Party we threw a year ago.

Pummel Party

Pummel Party is another game that piqued the interest of quite a good portion of our members! The following 7Smokers take part in Pummel Party Sessions: Lapper Snapper, Roy, Alem, Global, Brkya, Pan, Vanya and Mauritsio. This game, on a very basic level, is like Mario Party for PC. You could even argue that this one has better gameplay in some areas than Mario Party! The only true drawback is the amount of mini-games; still a little on the low side as of writing. Yet you can’t argue that it’s a great experience for 4 players - so if you are searching for a game to play with group members, or maybe even your closest friends - this is the one to grab for sure!

Conan Exiles

Brkya, Roy, Global and Fuzblez moved right onto Conan Exiles, another Survival game, after finishing their business in The Forest - this time the game is also PvP, and I should mention you can go fully naked in this game…
Putting aside the game's dumb AI, Conan actually has a very nice crafting system and a huge map to explore - so if you want to spend some time in a survival world with 7Smokers, this is a game you can (and should!) consider buying.


Finally, we are finishing with MORTAL KOMBAT X. The hype surrounding the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 got to us right, and a lot of our active members started playing Mortal Kombat again; Roy, Adolf, Fuzblez, Brkya, Gamevoin, Bonbon and Vampyr. Just like way back during the good old days of hosting LAN parties where people would gather and spend time playing together some Mortal Kombat, hitting fatalities on each other - yet this time we gathered and played not in LAN but online. It’s important to note that we all play on a casual level, so even if you are new to fighting games in general - don’t worry and come join us! The game is pretty cheap and it will take some time until most of the group members move to the next Mortal Kombat game.

And that’s all for the moment! I hope you all have a great time in the group playing at Underground events - and we will continue to cover our Underground sessions sometime in the future.