Event Recap: Week 6, 2019
By Mauritsio


Wednesday was our Cinema event for this week! As you may know, 7Smoke Cinema is back every Wednesday. And, Shaggy has been a very trending meme lately - so the group decided to dedicate a event to Lord Shaggy's name - by hosting a 7Smoke Cinema event on the first Scooby-Doo movie from 2002. Last week we weren't able to host the Cinema however, as the Mortal Kombat movie, which we were meant to watch, got a copystrike claim. Fear not - we'll do our best to ensure this does not happen again in future Cinema events. As for the movie itself - surely it was good fun! We had around 9-10 people watching Lord Shaggy show off his powerful abilities. We were joking about Lord Shaggy and his 1% power level he displayed all over text and voice chat - and we can't wait to watch the sequel soon.

(I couldn't find the picture Roy recommended me, so enjoy this picture of a god staring right at you)

Saturday. Oh yes. Saturday.
Now this one was an event for the ages.
If by chance you've been paying attention to the #serious-sam channel in our Discord server as of lately, there is no doubt that you have heard of this tiny little ambitious mod called "Road to Calvary" (which, as I learned myself just now, is actually not a typo!), and it would be an understatement to say that it is... "notorious" among our members. I've not tried it for myself yet, so I don't think I deserve to voice my own opinion - but let's just say that RtC is not a mod - it is an euphoric experience.
RtC takes the First Encounter campaign and does all sorts of lovely "adjustments" to it. First, the concept of balance is thrown out the window. Try playing this on anything higher than Tourist and you will most likely fail before you reach Dunes. Hell, try playing this on Tourist and you'll fail well before that! To go along with the "improved" balance are all sorts of new enemies - an arachnoid that shoot lava golem fireballs? Or how about everyone's favourite - a Kleer that shouts "YEEHAW!" all the time like he was playing Fistful of Frags. To top it all off, the levels get a nice "facelift" that reminds me of the time I thought making an all-red map was a good idea. And man, there's tons and tons of lava, it makes Kleer planet look like a puddle!
Surprisingly, we made it all the way through, even when you consider how hard this campaign is, but I suppose 16 players over 1 shakes up the balance by just a little. Some people even played the campaign twice in one day - one time during the event and one time beforehand! Who is to say what is left of their sanity at this point? For real, I salute all those who voluntarily made it through this psychological horror story.

Sunday, strangely, we decided to have the same event in two consecutive weeks! The previous Quake Champions: Doom Edition event which we hosted last week left a very good lasting impression on our members who joined it - for this reason, and the fact we are sort of deprived of Serious Sam content, we decided to call an early UNO MAS and host this event as soon as we could! It was not something we already regret, as we had much fun playing Capture the Flag on many various maps (none of which anyone liked) and shouting at one another in a futile effort of returning the flag to our bases. Let it also be known, that nano's graphics card overheated at this event - from playing Doom. You can play all these high-end games just fine, but Doom, that's where we draw the line. Duh. Also, I don't know what's happening in this screenshot - I wasn't at that part of the event. But I can only guess.

Last time you all voted for your first Event of the Month winner, namely, the best event in January. For a while it looked like it was going to be a close one - but with over 30% of the votes - Smokemania takes the win this time! I'm sensing a pattern here though - first, the Royal Rumble just barely wins Event of the Year 2018, and now we have Smokemania as an Event of the Year 2019 candidate... is the 7Smoke Wrestling Entertainment company taking over the group? Is this all just leading up to that real life match between Roy and Bench? Time will tell.