Event Recap: Week 7, 2019
By Mauritsio

No QC:DE this time - we almost had three of the same events per week in a row! That would've been a new record...
(Thanks to Pan for helping with this recap!)

Saturday started off the weekend with some... vanilla BFE versus? What's this - have we finally gone insane enough to go back to vanilla after 7 years? Well, the screenshots may fool you, but this is actually not so much vanilla. This is Deathmatch Reborn, a modification of default BFE Deathmatch maps that rekindle the weapon balance and item placements to feel more balanced and generally enjoyable. We decided to try it out - in an event which was surprisingly very filled, rocking 16 players half an hour in! Though usually it was the same one or two people winning every round (pfft, try-hards), everyone got a kick out of it in the end - playing with 16 people on the smallest maps in the game where there aren't even enough spawn points to fit everyone was quite a fun time. And if not, we'd just end up lovingly trashtalking one another or switching between player models constantly (IHRB models were popular, anime also - sometimes both). Finally, this event resulted in great quotes like "What games did Croteam make again?", said nano, while playing Serious Sam with people who practically devote all their free time to Serious Sam. It was a good event.

Sunday was an event made pretty much entirely on a whim - just four hours prior to us announcing this weekend's event, it happened to come up in discussion - then we scheduled it for this Sunday. We played osu!, a rythym game that is something of a big deal in most communities. It's deceptively simple in its controls but may be one of the harder games to get really "good" at. We had a bunch of veteran Osu players and new players alike join in to play such classics like "Don't Stop me Now" by Queen and "I'm Blue" by Eiffel 65. Osu! is a big hit with fans of japanese music as we played songs like "Tokimeki Lights" by Perfume and "Let's Go Control" by Saosin. Plenty of songs were very difficult and had players screaming at each other as they missed their notes and tried to not fail.
The catch phrase from the event was "Bruh." You failed? Bruh. Picked a song? Bruh. Bruh. It's all thanks to Zync for starting this fad.
The event was a big success with people getting to share 5 or more of their favourite Osu songs. We're looking forward to doing it again in 2 weeks.