Event Recap: Week 8, 2019
By Mauritsio

Gee, February, how come you get to have 3 events on the same game?

Saturday was our expected weekly fix of Serious Sam, this time taking the occasion to celebrate the birthday of one of the group's oldest members - Biomech gets his own Birthday Bash on this day, although his actual birthday wasn't until today. (If you have not wished him a good one yet - go do that! Bio has had a lot of hands in shaping this group up to what it is like today.) For his birthday, Biomechanoid requested to play through his BFE Enhanced campaign with 7Smoke-approved player models - namely, those in his compilation pack of player models based on group avatars and inside jokes. And that includes the "YEEHAW Kleer", a... "tribute" to the mod Road to Calvary which we played just a few weeks earlier. It does exactly what it says on the lid - just keep in mind it's from the most debated mod within the group. That should tell you what to expect. Anyway, although we all tried our best to make this a great event for Bio, framerate issues plagued the first few levels causing some to get a little impatient with the mod and rushing ahead of the crowd. So Bio elected to play his "Grand Obelisk Enhanced" instead, which turned out to play much more smoothly with no large framerate issues and a perfectly fun ending to the event. There was even a post-event afterwards, where people played vanilla TSE using Bio's game-breaking BM-3000 player model. It seems to have made up for the rocky start this birthday event had.

Sunday was a special day for us as we sat down to play one of our most favourite games with the developers in the flesh! Sorry, no, I'm not talking about Serious Sam. I'm talking about the developer of Quake Champions: Doom Edition - which I will rightfully refer to as "one of our most favourite games" because man, we've had like what, three events on it now just this month alone? It even ensured that the Quake Champions channel on our Discord server saw some activity again in a long time! But onto the event - we had done some collaborations with other groups in the past, like with an Unreal Tournament community last year. This time though, we reached out to the official Doom Champions: Quake Edition community and their lead developer, DBThanatos, was kind enough to host a Sunday session at their group as a joint event with 7Smoke! After invading their voicechat and populating it almost exclusively with only our own members (we're just that good), we started off with some Deathmatch where our pro players absolutely slaughtered the developer like it was nothing - before moving on to Capture the Flag gamemodes. With over 20 players joining from both communities, the event was a slaughterhouse - even on the largest maps (ahem INDUSTRUCTION ahem) there was nowhere you could go without running into groups of people and just getting destroyed moments after being spawned. I think we may also have caused the dev to decide to nerf some characters? In short, just non-stop action and we enjoyed every second of it! Another thanks to DBThanatos for hosting this event with us.