Event Recap: Week 9, 2019
By Mauritsio

Strangely, nobody noticed I forgot to edit this header initially.

Saturday was our first official foray into Serious Box Solid 2 - the long-awaited, immensely hyped and already critically acclaimed sequel to the original Tactical Espionage Action mod for Serious Sam 3: BFE. Okay, I'll admit that at least one of those phrases may have been a tad exaggerated. Maybe two. In this sequel you've got everything you could ever hope to be better from a mod of which its original incarnation was already so good - we've got some interesting new gameplay mechanics like the Snake Sense which gives Snakes a better idea of where they have to sneak to in order to find their objectives - for their adversaries, we've got Guard Alert which lets you tag enemies with that iconic ! the Metal Gear Solid owes most of its fame to. Many other small improvements were implemented and we tested out this first playable version at this event. Soon enough we bumped into some... issues. Yet we did not let that retract us from this event experience and we just made the most out of it - some fun moments come to mind like when Snakes relentlessly chased after Lone Wolf for like half the matches, turning into an event highlight - and the last hour of the event in which we just continuously played on the very same map, namely Fort Box Warehouse. The best stuff of the event really lies there - discovering the "overpowered" weapons the Snakes get for completing all objectives (turns out the shotguns are actually really good all of a sudden!), using exploits to force Guards into the vents (where previously only Snakes could venture) and a feud between Mauritsio and Global started by poor tactical decision on the latter's part, which ended with Mauritsio winning against him by kicking him - while being the last surviving team member. But on the other hand, Global got to Mauritsio first - so the victor really depends on who you ask. Overall, this event was a great start to March!

Sunday continued with the return of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - 7Smoke's all-time favourite racing game. Especially if you ask Pan or Mauritsio, who traded their souls to be good at this game - SeriousCsaba who's just there to bully Pan - or Lapper Snapper whose choice of words turns very colourful when in contact with this game. Lapper's screams particularity echoed through this event as he put himself in some unfortunate positions from time to time, causing him to get bumped off the track or similarly, as they say, "cucked" right before the finish line to eventually plummet down from second place to eighth. You can particularly make him pissed if you do it as Dr. Eggman, or as Lapper likes to refer him as - "Teddy Roosevelt". For Goldfreak, it was his first time racing with us - and similarly he tried his best but wasn't really a match for the no-lifers Pan and Mauritsio. Although Pan stayed away from his mainstay character this event he was still a force to be reckoned with and took most of the wins this event - the second place goes to Mauritsio, with one round in particular where he got so far ahead of the main competition that eventually he didn't even notice their presence anymore - they were so caught up in fighting over second place that because he was so far ahead, when he finished and the final timer for the round ended, over half the racers didn't even finish! (Hey, I'm not flaunting or anything... just providing an unbiased third person account, I promise!)

Event of the Month February - now coming to a 7Smoke website near you!
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