7Smoke’s Underground Events #2
By THE LAW & Mauritsio

In the last month, we’ve seen quite a lot of Underground events! The pattern we’re seeing is that Survival Undergrounds such as The Forest are being replaced en masse with one game in particular - in this episode, we’re going to be talking all about that game and the other Undergrounds which we’re having at the same time. So let’s get started with this!

Worms W.M.D.

Last summer, Worms Armageddon was one of the group’s most played Underground games with sessions occurring even long after the initial hype had died town. Now, our Worms gang (Pan, Mauritsio, Roy, bench, Lapper Snapper, Global102, StrikeUnleashed) has returned from a long hiatus and we’re finally back to coming up with new ways to violently blow up or baseball each of our worms. But, for this round of Worms undergrounds, we’ve decided it is time to upgrade to HD graphics - the year is 2019, but Worms Armageddon is 20 years old this year Obviously we need to stay in touch with the times! For that reason, Roy scurried together a few game keys and gave away Worms W.M.D. to some members (read: two members) and our fun times with the game started! It’s even better considering Pan has made some custom 7Smoke worm hats for the game! These events are nothing short of hilarious - instead of telling you myself why, I’ll let our event goers do the talking for me:

Pan: “Using a jetpack to try and dodge a sentry and being shot out of the air… Bobson Dognutt and New Funky Mode constantly dancing together despite all their friends dying.”
Strike: “When Pan, Mauritsio and me would take the helicopter trying to kill global at the same spot, resulting in digging a deeper holen and finally killing that one worm of his.”
bench: “Worms is Worms, Roy. We shoot stuff and then we go home.”

Another great way to communicate these events is with a video! This is a highlight reel of our latest Worms W.M.D. underground, fresh out of the oven and edited speciallyso it could be included in this episode! In this video, you can see death by a donkey, multiple helicopter shenanigans and Pan’s eternal quest to put an end to Holmey - Global’s favourite worm.

Doom II - Demonsteele

Gamevoin and co. (anomouslymandatory, Gaz, nonk) have played the Demonsteele mod for Doom 2 in cooperative play, which is a fast-paced action mod particularly inspired by the gameplay of the Devil May Cry series - you cut down hordes of demons while raking up a style ranking, juggling between your trusty sword/fists and various guns at your disposal.
Overall, it was quite the manly (even though nearly all playable characters are female) package of awesomeness, with maps usually being almost fully covered in blood by the end. Near the end of the map pack they played, which is the gothic castle landscapes of Scythe 2, there was quite a bit of struggle thanks to the massive amounts of enemies on a level, probably in the hundreds in a single area, so sadly they couldn't show off with their sword techniques as much and relied on the good ol' reliable tactic of shooting at it until it dies. It took them just over a dozen tries to beat the penultimate map!

Friday the 13th: The Game

While Dead by Daylight is the game we play much more often - Friday the 13th is the one that gathers 7Smokers from all corners to play a very, very broken game. Now sit down as Lapper Snapper tells you a story about the… “horrors” of this very intriguing slasher game.

”Eh, What’s that? You want me to tell you a scary story? The kind that is only told at night, around a campfire, with a flashlight held up to the storyteller’s face? I think I have one for ya…

Aaahhh, Friday the 13th: The Game... A cult classic horror movie series adapted into a video game by passionate fans, with help and endorsement from the people behind the actual movies themselves. What could possibly go wrong?

I’m fairly certain that it’s a question that went through the minds of the teenagers in the Friday the 13th movies when they decided it would be a good idea to smoke pot and have premarital sex at the spooky lake, haunted by an undying masked murder. It sure went through my head when we decided to check out that “fun movie game”, haunted by bad reviews. We were fools to go through with the idea, and just like the teenagers, we were punished.

The game in itself is fairly simple: 1 player takes the role of Jason and must kill up to 7 other players, who take the role of camp counselors, before they escape or the time runs out. Sounds simple enough, yes? How can you screw that up? By throwing any and all balance out of the window and with bugs galore. For one, Jason is insanely overpowered (“B-but that’s the point, you dingus!” Yeah, yeah, shut your mouth, games are meant to be fair and fun for everyone) and requires almost no skill to play well. In fact, you need skill to play him in a way that makes the game fun for both you and the players you’re trying to kill. That applies to all of the Jason characters. The counselor characters, however, range from complete, irredeemable wastes of oxygen, to master survivalists, who with the right perks can ascend to Supreme Elder Gods of Survival. Whichever side you end up on, whether you zoom around the map at light speed as Jason, choke-killing every moving thing you see, or run circles around the dumbfounded killer as your demigod of a counselor with near infinite stamina for 10 whole minutes, cheesing the game by abusing its mechanics is easy, so long as you have at least half a brain (and no conscience). Now let’s move on to bugs. Let’s see... T-posing inside vehicles? Check. Falling through the map? Check. Guns shooting someone behind you, rather than what you’re aiming for, landing you a double teamkill? Check. Teleporting inside of houses when stepping into bear traps? Check. Ragdolls getting flung into space as soon as their death animation ends? Checkity-check! And the list goes on, and on, and on... Every time we play this game, something new and unexpected happens, and we are always left screeching with laughter, like madmen.

As you can imagine, the game is a total mess... And yet we still play it. Every now and then we get this unexplainable urge to return to Crystal Lake and experience the madness all over again. Why? Is it because of the constant anticipation of whatever weird bug is going to plunge us into hysterical laughter next? Is it because we simply love playing janky games as a group? Is it because we’re idiots who can’t fathom the idea of playing a good game for once? Or maybe it’s some kind of weird curse that keeps bringing us back? Just as the characters in the movies can’t seem to leave Jason’s hunting grounds alone, despite knowing the danger, so can’t we abandon that accursed game. Maybe that’s it?

No, it’s probably cause we’re idiots.”

Apex Legends
No screenshot - we never win anyway.

Apex Legends is one of those games you’ve heard of even if you haven’t dabbled in the genre at all. This battle royale set in the Titanfall universe took the gaming communities by storm as it became a popular Fortnite competitor overnight. Our prior experience with Battle Royales was solely in PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds, but thanks to the free status of this new game, we’ve been able to draw in much more people! Frequent players are Pan, Conch, Mauritsio, Lapper Snapper, Brkya, Fuzblez, StrikeUnleashed, Roy and Goldfreak... it’s quite a many people indeed! Yet somehow, we as 7Smokers have not even once claimed a victory, but when playing with randoms or other friend groups we seem to perform just fine. Maybe it’s because we’re not taking this game seriously at all? That tends to happen.

As you may know, this game is pretty class-based. And when we talk about classes, everyone has their own “mains” - a favourite character they feel most comfortable playing. Mauritsio and Lapper prefer Bloodhound, a seemingly Scandinavian scarecrow-themed hunter with all kinds of cool abilities for seeing enemies before they see you. Pan fancies Lifeline - no surprise, as she’s the team’s primary healer. Though no healing is done through medkits, sadly. And for Conch and FuzBlez, it’s Caustic - the second most absolute unit in the game who was the kid dropping stink bombs in high school. And he still does it to this day, using a much larger stink bomb for area denial. Except the stink bombs kill this time. Although they may also have in high school.

Airdrops in this game are always fun. Most people will go to the areas where the best loot is: most of the time a supply ship floating around the map. One time Maur, Lapper and Pan had the bright idea to hotdrop there - but so did half the server, and we were two seconds late to the party forcing us to abandon ship and get seperated. The rest of that round was non-stop screaming, trying our best to regroup while getting jammed in between three other squads yet somehow managing to survive for a few minutes. Even if we didn’t win, it’s still one of the best rounds we had.

Dead by Daylight

Finally, we have DBD - it’s pretty much the group’s permanent underground event game! We’re still playing this game regularly for a long time, a long while after a free weekend sparked some interest in the game and we play it atleast monthly these days. Recently in our group consisting of Roy, Brkya, Global and Fuzblez. But this time, Global has been replaced by Lone Wolf, as Global got a game ban from Dead By Daylight this month for cheating! What a filth.

That’s all for this month - but we still have more goodness coming your way Some of the games you can expect getting Underground events in the near 1-2 months are Diablo 2 and Grand Theft Auto V. Keep an eye on our Underground channels in the Discord server!