Event Recap: Week 10, 2019
By Mauritsio

Featuring a rare double Serious Sam event spree!

Saturday we returned to our favourite Deathmatch mod for Serious Sam Fusion - Quake 3 Arena: Fusion, our first time this year after playing it plenty of times late last year. Luckily this time we had a good reason to return to it, as the mod had recieved some updates as of late! The two biggest added features are the inclusion of a new map and even a few new weapons - namely a fully functional Grappling Hook and {OTHER WEAPON}! But let's get to the map first. Nano, the creator of this mod, has usually faithfully ported existing maps from the source material, Q3:A, but in an interesting diversion he has now created a map of his own called Kitakami. As you may have inferred from the title, this map does indeed have some design inspirations from the Orient - besides this it's clearly designed as a "rat map" as the objects are much larger than the players. Here people will be fighting around a Japanese "kotatsu" (a heated table). Sadly some... issues with Steam and Fusion prevented us from playing this map to its fullest at this event. Luckily the Grappling Hook had been integrated into other maps within the mod and the few people who got their hands on it where constantly darting all around the map. In fact, the last round of the event, when most people had left, was solely us just flying around the map with it. Or, in Ryason's case, using it to its fullest to leave his, shall we say, "chirpmarks", which Pan got a little fed up with - their feud may be going on for quite a few more events.
There was also something going on related to Micheal Jackson, but maybe that's better off not mentioned.

Sunday we went into Serious Sam again - and we honestly wouldn't have, but we had a good reason to defy convention - March 10th is not only Mario Day, but also noam 2000 day! Celebrating his birthday today, we played through what is perhaps his most famous mod, or at least the one with the largest... "reputation" - Serious Horsam Fusion. This port with 6 DLC's spanning over a hundred levels would obviously be too long for one event, so we sticked to the last two DLC "expansions". Well-timed with the event start was a player model pack based on the mod by Regnant - letting you play as Ratram or other Horsam characters. Not sure who asked for that, but hey, it was a nice sort of surprise!
Re-experiencing this mod was quite something - satanic rituals, strange cutscenes and let's not forget to mention all the overly long boss battles. If there's one thing Horsam should be known for what it isn't known for, it's that. But hey, at least half the server gets an excuse to goof around. We also enjoyed the many copypastas littered throughout this mod with a heartfelt reading by nano and Gaz everytime we encountered one. It's strange that, whenever we ask people not to rush ahead by default, they never really listen. Yet when we ask them to come around and sit down for some storytime - nobody moved a muscle until the story was read and applause had been given. Maybe all progress blockers should have a free book near them so people can pass the time this way? We might finally solve the last few speedrun problems we have left.
Oh, and let's not forget all the bloom. I won't include a screenshot of that for obvious reasons.

The Event of the Month February result is a very fun one! Now this might just be because of the fact that we had so little events to vote for on this month, but, it seems the votes have been evenly decided over just three events - and I can see the reasoning behind every single one. So in the vein of a 7Smoke Award ceremony, I'll count down the top three. When else do we get this opportunity?

Third place goes to Osu! - The Bruh Event - sorry, nano, but regardless this isn't an event that's going to be easily forgotten. It spawned another meme all on its own and there's more than enough in there that'll be remembered for a long time.
Second place goes to Road to Calvary - sorry Global, sorry Gaz, but the YEEHAW just wasn't strong enough here. Regardless Road to Calvary is still a definition of its own within the group and we're all eagerly looking forward to the relase of Calvary 2. And now, the grand winner...
Quake Champions: Doom Edition!
Boomers everywhere rejoice! The QCDE events were what led us to a remarkable collaboration with the official QCDE community to result in their biggest and one of our biggest events to date. For the record, we're counting all the QCDE events in February here - just three events in one month!