What's Smokin?! interview: "Know the Member" with UrbanDeHuman!
By The Interviewer

The Interviewer: Greetings! Welcome to another episode of “Know the Member”! For tonight, we have invited UrbanDeHuman to my cave so we can get to know a little more about him!
Hello Urban, how are you doing today?

UrbanDeHuman: Hello, I'm doing quite fine today! Thank you for asking!

The Interviewer: Good to hear - now let’s cut right to the chase. Do you remember when you first joined 7Smoke? And how did that all go down?

UrbanDeHuman: Ooooo, well... Pretty sure it was either 2014 or 2015. I knew about the community before, but I didn't know English very well, so I was a bit hesitant to join officially. I think I was only talking to Solais at that moment, but even that required me to filter half of the words through Google Translate. I do remember quite well how we played Sand Sparta back in August of 2014, it was my very first 7Smoke event and I had a lot of fun playing with people. I don't remember if I joined before the event or after though.

The Interviewer: So you have been a member for quite a while now, actually almost five years now! How do you feel being in the group for so long?

UrbanDeHuman: I wouldn't really say that I was in this group for long, since I wasn't really active up until I joined the Discord server and, honestly, I haven't associated myself with the group that much until that point. Pretty sure that Noam, the one person I know that shares a birthyear with me, was in the group from its much earlier days and, as far as I know, was more active in the group at his early teens while I was still in the russian Serious Site community doing things.
But damn, it was almost 5 years ago... Time is flying faaaaaaaaaaast!

The Interviewer: So you have spent a long time in the Russian Serious Sam community. What would you say that the differences between these two communities are?

UrbanDeHuman: There's one quite good difference that distinguishes the russian community from 7Smoke besides some cultural stuff: Serious Site people still make quite a lot of content for the older Serious Sam games, mostly classics (lately Sam 2, with the Renovation mod and some other good mods as well) while 7Smoke is mostly fixed on making content for newer games. Of course, there are a few exceptions to it. There are some really-really talented people at Serious Site making global mods for Classics (I think Heming_Hitrowski, art-serious, -JD- and Ar2R-devil-PiNKy are four of those people who brought me into modding in the first place) and I loved them so much, they were bringing me a lot of inspiration in earlier days.
I've stopped associating myself with Serious Site quite a while ago, actually. I think it's just generally me moving forward from that community in favor of a more global community. Though I still consider myself to be a big figure in the russian community in general.

The Interviewer: You have made quite a lot of items for the Workshop - in fact, as my research shows they - a total of 64! Which one you are most proud of, and on which one did you work the longest?

UrbanDeHuman: Definitely has to be the original Operation "The Sunrise": Vol. 1. I worked on it for almost a year and it was the first project where I learned how to manage a small team of 2-3 people and the reception of it from the community teached me how to do literally everything.
I started working on it in 30th of August 2014, probably a week after the 7Smoke's Sand Sparta event, in fact. After some good reception it got from the community, at that time I thought this was the way to go: single maps that require an hour to finish and have a progressing gameplay, i.e. starting from nothing and getting all weapons and facing the toughest enemies in the end. The more diverse enemies - the better. Of course, I wasn't planning to make a huge map like the Sand Sparta, but a very big one nonetheless, with more detail and arenas of various shapes and sizes. That's what Sunrise was ought to be back then, but then there were some technical difficulties (for example, SED 3.5 was only x32, so it could only work properly until it uses 2gbs of RAM), the map ended up being much larger than I expected and with much different locations compared to the first ideas and there was little to no time before my 9th grade at school, so the entire project was basically cut in half just to save time.

The Interviewer: So your latest mod is "Deathmatch Reborn". What did you try to achieve with it and are you happy with how it turned out?

UrbanDeHuman: Deathmatch Reborn is an experiment that I started. Basically what I wanted to do is to take the Versus mode and improve it as much as possible by not only changing the stats with the help of feedback from those who played it more than me and know many problems with it, but by adding more maps into the list (though I only have an unfinished blockout of just one level). What motivated me to make this mod is that there's not enough support that Croteam gives to Versus, and because of that it's played very rarely. I wanted people to enjoy Versus and I wanted to gather more experience in this matter myself.
Though it's hard to say if I'm happy with it. There were some different mods that wanted to achieve the same goals as DMReborn, but those kinds of mods don't get as much attention as I would want them to. Versus maps and mods aren't as interesting to people as Singleplayer/Cooperative maps and mods. That demotivated me from finishing the blockout of that one level, because I'm afraid that it won't be worth the effort. Maybe I'll get to it after my other projects, but personally I don't know what else to do with it.

The Interviewer: And what are you working on currently?

UrbanDeHuman: Operation "The Sunrise" Vol.1 - Remastered, of course :D
This is the project that I feel like I will be working on reeeeeeally hard in some next months. There are lots of things to do still and the deadline only seems like it's far, but in fact it's very-very close.

The Interviewer: It sounds very ambitious. Good luck with it!
What are your favorite 7Smoke activities? We know you are not an underground person, so what are the things in the group that you enjoy the most?

UrbanDeHuman: Thanks! Well, I definitely like sharing my thoughts with people there, I feel like I learn a lot about people's very diverse cultures and mindsets, SED is also a thing that connects us and brings us together. I don't often join into events that often because I have many important things to do, but I definitely never regret joining people and enjoying games when I have time.

The Interviewer: And how do you see 7Smoke and you in the future?

UrbanDeHuman: I'd love to hang out with you guys more in the future, maybe even IRL, but for that I still need to set myself somewhere here back in Russia so that I could afford to travel around the world myself.

The Interviewer: What kind of advice would you give to a person who is just starting to work with SED?

UrbanDeHuman: Start with small, never be afraid to make mistakes in your works, learn from them and go for bigger and better. Need an advice or support? Never hesitate to ask, because people will always help you.

The Interviewer: That’s so sweet! In fact, I say let’s end this interview on a very sweet note. Mmm, sweets.
Thank you for joining us in this interview, and thank you for reading, loyal 7Smoke Readers! I hope to see you for the next episode - and Urban may leave you any message now!

UrbanDeHuman: Thank you all so much! Stay serious and stay strong, everyone, be optimistic and look forward into the future with brightness in your heart and soul.