Event Recap: Week 11, 2019
By Mauritsio

Thursday - an odd day for a main event - but for good reason. Actually, we were supposed to have a small Rocket League tournament - the great 7Smoke Cup - sadly, due to health issues of some members who were hoping to attend, we had to postpone it and instead we just settled for some nice Rocket League 2v2 and 4v4 matches - with a special guest - Bere from Binx Interactive! All the same it was a very chill event and we will surely reschedule the 7Smoke Cup for some time in the very near future!

Saturday... now this was one hell of an event. A proper comeback long overdue for Trouble in Terrorist Town, one of 7Smoke's oldest and most played non-Serious Sam pasttimes. This gamemode for Garry's Mod centered around betrayal is unmissable for 7Smoke veterans, even those who were never fully involved with it. After a flame that seemingly never died out in 2016 and a little through 2017, several attempts were made by us to try and emulate the hijinks from three years ago. Sadly, none of the attempts made any remarkable impact - in the older days we could easily gather around 16 people per event, but with these revival events, we usually only had 10.
This event changed that.
Admittedly we had a rocky start. The first server wasn't really able to provide us a stable experience (it did keep out all the anime though - which was a fair compensation) and frequently dropped its life support for strange reasons - it took us an hour to really get going on a new server, which Pan graciously donated his 10 dollars for to keep the TTT spirit going. There, the real fun came into play. With so many people playing at once things were bound to go great. Already in the earlier rounds players were possessing props (if you die in this gamemode, you can possess any physics prop on the map and launch it around), most of the time in an attempt to kill players who were still alive and spreading terror. One of the most successful attempts can be seen here, pulled off with grace by Gamevoin - although if it was just three seconds earlier, it may have made all the difference between victory and defeat! Subsequent rounds where all about broken trusts - Mauritsio convinced everyone he was innocent by antagonizing Global (protip: it is very easy to do!) up until the last man, Mr.Grimm, who caught him by surprise - bench unintentionally played along with nano's tactic of flooding a room to kill terrorists inside. But for reasons still unknown and got himself killed - Lapper and Global had a nice 5-minute standoff near the Traitor Tester room, which forced Global into a desperation tactic due to props slowly ticking away his health (and he lost) - and finally, Mauritsio committed another massacre when 4 people had amassed in one very tiny cozy helicopter. (Come on, how were none of those people the traitor?)
After these rounds we hit upon the ultimate culmination of this event - the last hour and a half playing on ttt_clue and nothing else. In that time, which felt like forever - we had amazing plays. The ones that stuck with most of us were the ones involving the John Cena bombs (yes, they're a thing) and many suicide runs - but also some legitemately good plays. And then, of course, there was the "Furfag with a Shotgun" round, in which Pan admin abused (it's a must for any TTT event that there be admin abuse) to make everyone, except Lapper, a Traitor, and gave Lapper detective status with 10000 HP. In what is one of the greatest standoffs in TTT history, Lapper won with 100 health left - just barely hanging on! The entire ordeal was recorded, too - in fact the entire event was recorded by me, and I'm having trouble encompassing all these rounds and picking out the best moment. Seriously, TTT deserved a great event after this long. It was fantastic, period, comma.

Once upon a time, a little bench gazed up into the big night sky, and there he saw a shooting star. He closed his eyes and made a wish:
“Star light, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight... I wish for a Sven Co-op event.”

Sunday was when the wish came true - it seemed like the wish wasn’t meant to come true, but we got our long awaited Sven event. It didn’t go off without a hitch though, since our host’s server broke before the event even started. However, just when it seemed like we wouldn’t be having fun in Sven yet, Nano sacrificed a whole 5 dollars to the Sven Gods of Hosting and bought us a fully working server. And thus, the madness could begin. We started off by playing a map based on the mansion from Resident Evil. Most of our play time on this map was spent outside of the mansion though, browsing through all the ridiculous player models and having a laugh. Eventually, we entered the puzzle filled mansion and... got stuck. Yep, we couldn’t manage to solve a single puzzle before getting stuck in a hole that we simply couldn’t get out of. So we gave up and switched maps. Next up was a map that we didn’t finish last time – Deluge. It had us running through twisted corridors filled with demented monsters, looking for keys, and shouting “LET’S KILL!”, which is a loud and edgy taunt that made this map memorable last time. Even though we got through it fairly quickly, the map was of high quality, but the fact that it ended on a cliffhanger (which was never resolved) left us disappointed. Following that, we ran through the jungle in Shockraid Jungle, on a mission to recover a high-tech military drone. While we got through the first half of the map with relative ease and picked up the drone, the trip back to base proved too difficult for us, as we were swarmed by enemy troops, drones and a tank. Not even our marine tactics of sitting still behind cover and praying for God’s mercy helped. For our final adventure, we chose maps Toonrun 1 & 2, a colourful and silly, but very challenging experience... which we also failed.
In the end, despite only managing to finish one map successfully, the event was barrels of fun. And since Nano payed money for the server that will last us a month, it would be wise to use it more often while it’s here *nudge* *nudge*.