Event Recap: Week 12, 2019
By Mauritsio

Thursday was the 18th anniversary of Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, which, if you read our retrospective article about it, you know all about! What better way to celebrate than to jump into a time machine and head straight on back to 2012, the early days of 7Smoke were all we had were vanilla Sam events - that's right, we played HD:TFE without mods, in Fusion. The obvious bad side to this is that there are no mods, so we can't use all the game additions we're used to like health bars and our own player models. The GOOD side to it, which echoed throughout the event, is the lack of anime player models. You see, there's a reason all anime conversation is hidden among the underground in our server. Finally we were able to keep the garbage firmly out, and as this event proved, we could have way more good times with vanilla models! Who doesn't remember the great Boxer Barry, or the legendary Wild Wyatt? Or better yet - the famous Cobalt Cinderella? We don't need no anime no more. Only Rocking Ryan.
(Who are these people?)
For the rest of the event we just blasted through the TFE campaign in two and a half hours. One of the event highlights was a beautiful Dunes acapella, rivalling the original soundtrack composition if I'm being quite honest with you - also a nice moment was the gathering of the Power Rangers in the event, seen below. They're ready to morph into action!

Saturday is where you'll find that this event weekend looks an awful lot like the previous one. We returned to Garry's Mod, where last time we had the greatest TTT event in recent memory - but this time with a different gamemode in mind: "Minigames". See it as a gathering of many smaller gamemodes, like SeriousWare - the key difference being that minigames are instead in Team Deathmatch forms, and chosen beforehand by one lucky person. But you've also got gamemodes akin to Rabbit's Unstable Platforms (if anyone remembers that) which are more like traditional Survival events. There's also just some plain Team Deathmatch modes in there - like knife-only battles in pitch darkness (here's a screenshot of bench and global's amazing fight in this mode) and knife-only battles where you stab around a ball which is about to explode (figuring that out the first time was nice) - get the timing just right and roll it into the enemy team's domain.
Of course, I didn't forget about "fun". The "fun" minigame which is not actually "fun" at all, but is just at that right point where it's "fun" enough that people want it in Fusion. We sure had lots of "fun" everytime this "fun" minigame came on, though we wish the "fun" lasted for more than half a minute.
Honestly, though? Most of the minigames revolved around some silly gimmicks and we weren't getting the most out of the event. So guess what we did? We switched to TTT after an hour! Can't say we regret the decision - people were already clamouring for it 15 minutes into the event start. And it ended up taking the majority of the event's time - so all in all, exactly what we expected. Good stuff.

Sunday was when the wish came true a second time - Sven Co-op two weeks in a row! Indeed, we remarked at the last event recap it would be a waste to leave behind the potential of nano's dedicated server host behind - so expect maybe another Sven event in the coming weeks? Either way, we played through our next selection of maps at this event, and there's one in particular that I wanted to talk about. It's called gitfest. Truth be told, the maps themselves weren't exactly noteworthy on their own. Just something you would expect of any old Half-Life custom map. I'd just like to take a moment to highlight these enemy names. It's really what made the event so special for those who attended. As you might know, hovering your mose over an enemy in Sven lets you see their name and health amount. And the creator of the map was having some fun with that in the middle of development - a Gargantua named "Sister's Fat Friend" is just one example of the crude nicknames given to the creatures. Now I'd gladly show off some more, yet, some of these names are much more than just "crude". If I included them, this site wouldn't be so family-friendly anymore, and that is the last thing I want! And if you're already thinking of what those names could be, here's bench cosplaying as Pikachu to distract you.