The Best of Trouble in Terrorist Town (so far)
By Global102

Trouble in Terrorist Town is a game mode in Garry’s Mod where Innocents and Detectives have to eliminate all the Traitors, who mask themselves as Innocents and have to eliminate everyone else without being detected. That’s how it plays if you play it normally, but how does it work in 7smoke? Now the Innocents’ biggest enemy is the Detective, who will check if you’re guilty by eliminating you. Spectators are trying to eliminate people who are still alive by damaging them with props. Innocents prefer freeing the fish stuck in the shop over thinking about why there are gunshots.
These are the reasons why TTT Events are some of our favorites. Our peak was during the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017, when we almost had a TTT event every week. In this article we would like to share some of our favorite moments.

Did you know that our longest event was a TTT event? It lasted over 7 hours! One of the reasons why we were able to enjoy them for so long was thanks to our server provider Pan, who has tried to make some of the rounds unique. Adding new enemies such as Half-Life enemies changes the strategy when you have to avoid plants trying to eat you. Not fun enough? How about flying a helicopter that forces both teams to fight it to avoid being annihilated? Or maybe you don’t like guns and prefer to fight with harpoons or, if you’re Star Wars fan, with lightsabers and the Force? Such special rounds removed the problem of repetitiveness and made us laugh quite a lot!

Some items we mentioned are exclusive to Traitors and/or Detectives. One of the most controversial was definitely the Second Chance. It allowed a person to respawn, with the chance of it increasing the more enemies a person has killed. This has created situations where 1 vs. 1 fights became more intense. But this had also led to some unfair situations where someone was lucky enough to respawn more times than the other person and won. After many events, we decided to remove it. Yet Second Chance provided some chaos that we liked.

(See the timestamp at 9:56)

The most memorable meme is without a doubt Roy’s 100% win rate. He invented a “very clever” strategy, which basically was killing everyone as Detective, until all Traitors are dead. The strategy was very successful, since Roy had been winning every round as Detective. Seeing that success, others started to imitate Roy, but they weren’t as successful as him. Of course, he died several times, but those rounds weren’t official, because they involved admin abuse… except one, where Roy won against 11 Traitors. What a mad man! Officially Roy lost his 100% win rate during the “International Law Day 2017” event - twice. Our “saviors” were Lapper and Global. In that round where he lost his winrate, he even accidentally revived Lapper - who was a Traitor! what a shame! And what does Roy’s strategy look like now? It involves killing one poor soul and reviving him in order to have one member confirmed to be an Innocent.

Commercial Break Fun Fact!
Did you know that our server was once given to another owner mid-event and became a Team Fortress 2 server?

TTT has a special mechanic. If you die, you are capable of controlling the props, such as wooden boxes. If you’re evil enough, you can use this to damage someone who’s still alive or, if you’re REALLY REALLY evil, throw some explosive barrels at a poor soul. You can guess the rest of that story. Imagine someone losing a 1 vs. 1 because he agitated the spectators. Nobody is safe!

(See the timestamp at 7:44)

In the 3 years we spent with TTT, we picked our favorite maps. For the most time the leader was ttt_richland, which is a small map with some traps, secret passages and lots of explosive barrels, where we like to scare members. Most of the special rounds are being played on this round. It’s also the first map we’ve ever played in TTT. Some other favorite maps are ttt_traitorexpress, which is basically a long train, ttt_productiontown, where bad things happen if you aren’t careful on the street and ttt_roytheship, which is pretty much self-explanatory, except it has small boat which people like to protect or to escape with.

(See the timestamp at 48:01)

After 2017, the interest in TTT started to fade away. The lack of new content made it repetitive. Events started to be uncommon. Can they regain the status they had before? Looking at the success of our recent TTT events, we hope that 2019 will be a renaissance of our favorite Garry’s Mod gamemode.