Event Recap: Week 13, 2019
By Mauritsio

With important news inside.
(And credit to where it is due - to Pan, for helping out with this recap!)

Firstly, as you are all well aware by our Discord lobby announcement, we will be switching over to playing exclusively I Hate Running Backwards for the rest of our group lifetime. Luckily the site is already themed appropriately - just look at the background. I'd like to share some extra details surrounding this important reform. Aside from everything already mentioned, a few new rules apply: ownership of I Hate Running Backwards is mandatory, and your Parsec window must be open at all times. Yes, nano, that applies to you too.
Whenever someone invites you to play a game, you have an obligation to join, even if it's that one member nobody wants to play with. If you do not join, Mrav will descend upon your home and incur his wrath on your family.
These changes will be rolled out over the week, so get ready to sacrifice your day job, dump your girlfriends and forget praying to whatever god it is you pray to - we run backwards now, and only pray to Binx!

Now for the recap.

Saturday was when we played Nano's new Counter-Strike game mode - Serious Strike - in Fusion, along with Pan's additional maps for the mode. A lot of fun was had as everyone flocked to use the shotguns and absolutely decimate each other every round only to be picked off by people buying AWPs. It's easy to say the salt was real, just like the real Counter-Strike experience. It doesn't get more authentic than that!
We started off on the iconic de_dust2 map, and listened to Lapper bitch and moan for 5 rounds (he doesn't really like it) until we swapped over to the even more iconic de_dustcruiser2. The best of the best, really. The weapons were all very fun to use and I swear we have not had such tactical gameplay in Fusion Versus since Serious Box Solid. This was a very welcome change! Some memorable moments include Csaba defusing a bomb by 0.1 seconds before Anomalous, who had no ammo left, stabbed him in the back. Other great moments were the Furry/Law Shotgun feud where apparently Roy came out on top and the Noam/Pan feud where shotguns may have been bought and instantly lost and AWP's used to crush spirits.
Overall an incredibly fun time and we can't wait for us to get into it again. We're itching for more and many players agreed they'd play this over regular CS: Source anytime. A big compliment for Nano! Now if only people would listen to him explain things in text chat the first 5 times.

Sunday was when we held an event we planned mostly on impulse... we played Roblox.
Okay, hold on. How in the blazes did we get here? Did we completely drop our quality standard? Well, not really. This was kind of a joke at first that we brought up in the Discord, but we kept coming back to the idea when a free event slot showed up. Ten minutes later it was on our calendar. And while the amount of people actually interested in playing this decade-old sandbox game was somewhat low, we had fun - seriously - all the way through. We unironically enjoyed playing through a game targeted at today's 8-year-olds, and I'm pretty sure we are all adults. What has become of us?
In truth, some of us had a nice history with the game.
Our younger members played it when their age was only a single digit. And so, with their ancient knowledge of traversing through the dark caves of Robloxia, we went to all kind of "places" which the Serious Sam Fusion engine could only dream of achieving - some of the more tame ones were a dance party (ONE! TWO! SEVEN! THREE! DOWN THE ROCKEFELLER STREET!), a Lego Island ripoff where you collect pizzas, or a SeriousWare like minigame server (where you can do fun activities, such as play spleef pong! Oh god, SPLEEF pong... ahHAHAHA). But we also found much worse, or you could say better. One of the "highlights" was a furry roleplaying server. There was actually a really detailed customization menu for your wolf in there. We wish Lapper could have seen it.
Much to our surprise, there are actually some really good gamemodes in there! The one gamemode that sticks out was called "Q-Clash" and it's... seriously fun?! It's like an Overwatch clone but with full on voice acting, surprisingly good maps, even fully functional abilities and such... it feels strange to see so much effort put into it only for it to become just another server. But that's how things work over at Roblox, it seems!
And of course, who could forget the best server of them all - the FIND THE EPIC HIDDEN DUCK! THIRTY-TWO EPIC HIDDEN DUCK BADGES, GUYS! AND NONE OF THEM EVEN ACTUALLY WORK!
Why did I like this stuff ten years ago?

There was also a short event earlier today, which I would just like to touch upon briefly. It is important to cover it as it is our last event before we permanently switch over to being a I Hate Running Backwards focused-group. Nano had just released a Fortnite Weapon Pack and we decided to give them a go with some Deathmatch rounds! The default dance taunts have never been so relevant before. Ryason, Kuber, nano and Mauritsio have already teamed up to crack the secrets of the Serious Sam Fusion netcode and script in a 100-player battle royale gamemode, so we can utilize this resors to its fullest potential. Later on we're also... wait a minute... what's all this stuff about? Why is there a Stanley Parable map? Where are the Fortnite weapons? What do you mean Apr-

Event of the Month March is up - and it has a lot going for it. This month was a wild one with a lot of crazy events all over - from Serious Box Solid's release at the very beginning to Roblox at the very end of it - and everything in between, there are some fair candidates for Event of the Month this time. And we've already seen quite some people make their pics during the event themselves - when that happens, you know it's gonna be good.
Of course, this will also be the last time an event that isn't going to be I Hate Running Backwards has a chance to win, so make it count, before Mrav opens the floodgates!

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Aprel Fools, motherf*cker!