Event Recap: Week 14, 2019
By Mauritsio

Quiet news week, you say? Don't worry, we're saving up.
(Once again thanks to Pan (and also anomalouslymandatory) for their helping hands in this recap!)

Friday we decided to fulfill a community request and play some Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 online!
Since none of us could be bothered to host, we ended up joining a "MASS DESTRUCTION" server since no other servers trusted us to build nicely. Fair enough. So while Pan struggled to make "choo-choo" trains, Anomalous built horrendous death spirals designed to kill and dismember anyone that dared write it. It was promptly named by Pan to be the "Lithuanian Suicide Experience". It wasn't all dark and scary or at all related to trains, oh no. Ryason decided to make a beautiful one boat play. It was called "BOAT". A crowd of spectators got to view one lovely couple row around... and that was it.

Hurykles made a bunch of proper, well designed coasters... and promptly made their tracks invisible. Apart from that it was pretty uneventful. Very chill session until other people joined and decided to really make it a proper mass destruction.

Saturday is a Serious day here at 7Smoke as it's where we usually put down our Serious Sam events. This time was no different, and we had some sort of new content in the form of an updated version of Ryason55's "Procedural Skyways". We had played this Versus mode before, where each level is different with its randomly generated paths strecthing out through the level, but since Ryason made some nice quality of life changes to the mod we decided to give it another go this weekend.
But this revisit unfortunately went a little awry. If you were on Steam during that last Saturday, you probably noticed that the servers were acting up a little - people weren't showing their online status properly and workshop content couldn't be downloaded. This happened during the beginning of the event and it kind of caused a blow to the rest of the event... we ended up with around 10 people for the majority of the event. And I guess that's not bad considering the difficulty we had in joining. We actually had to make the server publicly listed, since we could not use Steam to join each other directly. And this actually caused a random to join us during the event, although I think for the most part he was just unable to join. Still, always nice to get someone new to go along for the ride!
As for the event itself, it was just good fun all around. Plenty of deaths by falling over the edge and winning 10-1 rounds in Capture the Flag. There was also that one CTF round where the randomly generated map ended up just being a straight line. Someone should make a dedicated map out of it - who cares about balance? It'd be fun! Just too bad nobody made a screenshot out of it - too bad nobody really made any nice screenshots period.

Sunday we stepped into the golf car and took a ride to the beautiful parks of Doom Golf. Yeah, it's a Doom mod where you play golf. That doesn't seem so outlandish.
It's not really pure golf though. Sometimes you'll be smacking around a Cyberdemon with a golf club for two minutes straight. But anomalous finally got this event, which he had been requesting for a long while!
The mod is actually called Hellshots Golf, a mod for the Zandronum sourceport of Doom. Being able to choose different characters from various different mods, we played through all 18 holes, seeing a variety of different locales, coming to grips with the physics of Doom, painting the walls with our paintgun and hitting each other with clubs. After beating all the holes, we ended the event with some nice, relaxing, and definitely not explosion filled lawn mowing by loading up Doom Mower alongside Hellshots Golf.
Yeah, first they make a mod about lawn mowing, then one about golfing?
Come on Sam modders! Why don't we have this stuff?

Looking back on March, it's just a fantastical collection of so many great events. A new release or two coupled with great comebacks, there had to have been a favourite for everyone. Serious Box Solid 2, Serious Strike were the new additions to the workshop and had fun release parties tied to them. In terms of comebacks, Trouble in Terrorist Town was the clear outlier with a most glorious return we could only have dreamed of. Sven Co-op was finally back in town with two wacky events, we celebrated Serious Sam's 18th anniversary in a pure event and of course we can't forget the search for the epic 32 hidden ducks in ROBLOX.

*distant desk slam noise*

From the offset, it's a tough competition. But I can happily announce that...
Trouble in Terrorist Town Renaissance!
...takes the Event of the Month March trophy home! Well deserved with a 16+ player event and 5 hours continuous hours of betrayal - for a short while, we had passionate rivalries with one another again and it may be a while before that can be replicated.
And of course, never forget the rampage of a Furfag with a Shotgun.