7Smoke Tennis 2018: Red Edition - Voice actors wanted!
By Mauritsio & noam 2000

Last December was an exciting time for our group, as we released the Tennis 2018: Blue Edition and had an amazing release event along with it. But we weren't done with Tennis quite yet, and now we're finally coming to you with the Tennis 2018: Red Edition, which is entering the Alpha stage after a grueling development time!

Officially, the Tennis 2018 project started way back in 2017, where it was then still known as "7Smoke Tennis Project 2017". While Blue found themselves off to a pretty good start a few months afterwards, Red was not so lucky. We had many setbacks which forced us to trade around modder timeslots, experienced maps that exceeded their development time, so in terms of progress the Red team quickly fell behind the Blue team. Which is why Red is probably not going to finish until July or August - only half a year behind what we initially thought the release window would be. But, now it's finally somewhere on the horizon!

Tennis Blue was well-received and the quality bar for Tennis Red is even higher as a result. As part of that effort, to make the campaign as great as we can make it, we've been doing a lot of quality of life improvements ot just about everything in the campaign - enemy types, weapons, graphics, cutscenes and level design. Right now we have three people actively working on some of these dedicated aspects of the mod. And with what we're announcing in this post, we'll have even more onboard soon. That's right, voice auditioning for Tennis Red is starting!

Last time we didn't get in any 7Smoke voice actors into the mod. The closest we had to that was a Serious Sam community member (Metal Tales a.k.a. Samson) as the main villain, as there are only so many voice actors in our little community. With this project however, we have a little role which we think anyone could fit into - there are 4 open cameos in this project! If you scroll down to the bottom of the character list on the page linked below, you'll find an "EDF Soldier" role. For this role, where all four cameos have just one line, so we're accepting basically anyone. Even if you are not confident in your voice acting skills, we encourage you to just try and submit an audition or two on that role! And if you're feeling extra confident, of course, you can try your hand at the main characters. As you can see, you'll get paid for it, too!

Think you got what it takes to join the Tennis Red voice cast?
The auditions page is up right now!