Event Recap: Week 15, 2019
By Mauritsio

Friday we returned to a mod that we had not even touched since 2013! While this isn't a Serious Sam mod... well, actually, it kind of is! If you've ever heard of Serious Sam: The Retro Encounter before this event, then you can call yourself old, because man, that's a far reach into group history! It's not like it used to be all the buzz back in 2013 but it certainly was a thing. When Artyom Havok was actively uploading his Cannonball Serious series to the 7Smoke YouTube channel, this was one of the games he and his wife likeanapple played! I think this is why most of us know the mod today. FrameRater also played this some time ago. But enough of that - why what is Retro Encounter? It's a total-conversion mod for Serious Sam that converts enemies, weapons and whatnot from Doom into their BFE counterparts. Quite everything is changed - except the Cyberdemon and Mancubus, because let's be honest - they're already the exact same as in BFE! Sadly, as of the announcement of Serious Sam 4, the mod is no longer in development and is staying in this Beta phase forever. But we got a chance to play some Versus, which is the more finished part of the mod where we have a set of nine maps with maps familiar both from Doom and Serious Sam. We did so together with the folks over at the QC:DE (Quake Champions: Doom Edition) community - we've been doing quite some joint events with them over the past few months and those events are definently some of the highlights so far for this year. After we had enough of the Versus we tried out what there was of the campaign aspect in a short kind of after-event. It's great to finally have played the mod proper, with more than enough people to keep us content for two hours.

Saturday was a sweet and short Sam event, which we dedicated to some recently released new content on the Fusion workshop - Saving Private Pesko Fusion by MarkoJ! Although it may look like another boring, same-old BFE Egyptian campaign from a distance, the port is actually liked by the community as it has some nicely designed and most of all - enjoyable - levels. When we heard this campaign was coming to Fusion, it was instantly on our radar to play it! In what turned out to be an event on the short side, we blazed through the levels rather quickly and finished within the hour! Most of our time was spent on figuring out exactly which way to go and where all the enemy fights are (sounds familiar), as the map will require you to backtrack quite a bit. Perhaps one of the more memorable moments of this event is powered by Ryason's Sprays mods - you can put a certain texture on a wall surface for all to see. Pan decided to put a spray on a door and experiment if opening said door would end up spltting the spray - what we ended up seeing was a visceral display of a person being torn in half... nah, actually, the texture did indeed just split, but it was a fun little experiment to conduct. Not the engine behaviour I expected, honestly. Fusion works in mysterious ways.

Sunday ended the week with an event on a unique game. We at 7Smoke are no strangers to games of betrayal - Trouble in Terrorist Town was a pretty huge part of the group in 2016 and 2017. And recently we had our TTT Renaissance event which became an Event of the Month winner. No doubt people would love to give it another go this month, but this Sunday we've tried something that's a little different. Enter The Ship - a game that's similiar in concept to TTT, but also quite different. That makes no sense, but let's keep going.
The core concept is that everyone gets assigned a target, and is then given about two minutes to kill them. You'll be using many tools to kill your targets - from the basic weapons such as axes, knives and guns to some more unconventional ones like an umbrella, billard stick or crowbar. Unlike our TTT events, randomly killing is punished by charging you money! Money is important, beacuse the person with the most amount of cash at the end of the game is the winner. And Pan, Lapper and Global both got the big money once each, Roy twice! He insisted I include this statistic.
We got around 16 group members playing at once - even two or three randoms joined us for the games! For a non-Serious Sam event, it's a great turnout. Most loved it, others got bored by it, and while it will never replace TTT, we had a blast that night. We even managed to make the game's server's unstable - they're actually not used to this kind of activity. Some of us got randomly disconnected and had to retry quite a few times to get back in. We almost had it on the verge of crashing! First Blub Volley, now the Ship - when will our bloodlust against the poor inactive servers end?