Event Recap: Week 16, 2019
By Mauritsio

No witty comments. It was just a great event week.

Friday was an event with unusually high success! Most of the time, Sven Co-op only gathers a dedicated few, but at this event we gathered up a full server! We started off playing on some Egyptian themed maps, and after that, a Russian horror mapset that we already had an event on in the past but only very few remembered. A lot of things were happening in those maps - we ran right into rockets while fighting on a bridge, ran right into grenades while fighting on a bridge - and we lost a lot of brain cells. This sounds exactly like your typical Sven event. One of the better moments of the event was in the Russian maps. Ryason and Anom were the last two standing against a whole lot of overpowered zombies. Everyone else was dead, but the two of them managed to cheese the fight for a long ten minutes and saved the day in the nick of time. Somehow. Somehow they did.
I wish there was more to say, but our brain cells are so rotten right now, it's just hard to even remember anything. (yeah, lazy excuse)

Saturday proved once again that we are ushering in the great renaissance of Trouble in Terrorist Town, with an event that lasted almost 4 hours - and I honestly think we've peaked at this point, guys, there's no point in even trying anymore. TTT should just win every Event of the Month from now on. It's over. Goodbye.
But seriously, this event was one wild ride. There were three specific moments that made it so memorable. First was one round early on in the event, where alexanderdima90, who usually only joins us for these events and doesn't talk too much, pulled off one of the greatest clutches in our history with TTT. Standing all on his own against the three surviving traitors, he waited patiently behind the door and was just faster on that shotgun's trigger finger than all three of the traitors. I wish he could have heard the spectator voice chat - I don't think somebody has gained that much fame in one event so quickly. And I wish it was recorded, too!
That was only the start of it though. The second of the best moments was when we played on a bowling alley map. TTT has this function that, if you are dead, you can take control of physics props around the map, flinging them around. This has caused from-the-grave deaths by charging a prop at high velocity before, but in this event, everyone took control of a bowling ball. The survivors had to panic and closed as many doors behind them as they could, containing the killer bowling balls. We just barely won a few rounds with the bowling balls chasing us... it was almost a horror experience.
And then there were all the enemy spawns. The server admin Pan discovered the fun of using admin commands to spawn in all kinds of monsters and NPCs from Garry's Mod base games, and we spent quite a few rounds effortlessly trying to battle against Striders or helicopters. And when we had enough of the enemies, it was time to mess around with NPCs - in particular, Kleiner. As a Kleiner player model myself, I had to take it upon me to protect them from evils like Global and Lapper Snapper. Yet I could only save so many of them and had to end up sacrificing myself for their protection.
Man, what a Saturday night this was... it almost feels like 2016 again.

Sunday ended the week with Serious Sam. As you would expect from a Serious Sam fan group. Having played Serious Strike last month, and some new content has come out since, we decided to have another go at it. New content includes - just a lot of new maps! Nano worked on a port of de_overpass, Pan added a grand total of three maps, one of which is World of Warcraft village, and Ryason went even further as to port a Quake Team Fortress map over to the Serious Strike Demolition gamemode - complete with its own bomb models and even weapon selection! As he puts it on the mod's workshop page, "Yes, its Quake in Counter Strike in Serious Sam.". It doesn't get any more over-complicated than this, ladies and gentlemen, and it's all only possible thanks to modding. God bless.
After the initial round of dust2, we moved on to... a map that shall go unnamed because I would rather not this article get mixed up with its search results. I'm sure you understand. But let's call it "de_animeclub". Here we pitted the 7Smoke anime fans against the 7Smoke anime trashers - the Counter-Terrorists had to defend their clubhouse while the Terrorists made their best effort to blow up all the posters. And really anything else from the Orient. (us weebs still won, btw)
Oh, and I also forgot to mention - Vanya was at this event! When was the last time Vanya joined anything? You know it's special when he's around. Hell, we were preparing for this event days in advance - as I mentioned three people sped to get their maps done before the event but Pan even made a bunch of accompanying weapon skins for 7Smoke members! Half of them turned out to be anime-related skins though. And that's an accurate number, because Pan simply had to fact check me. What a cu-