Event Recap: Week 17, 2019
By Mauritsio

I want to joke about Homer Simpson... but I haven't watched the Simpsons enough to make a clever reference.

Saturday was finally a continuation of an event we had left behind for the longest time - our Serious Sam 2 playthrough concluded as we started the campaign from planet Ellenier. Just at with last week’s Serious Strike event, in the days leading up to the event, 7Smoke modders poured their effort into preparing some mods for the occassion. Mostly (or rather, all of) this effort went into player models, which, as I am statistically sure of, contained 80% worth of anime. Truly the workshop has been drowning in anime content as of lately.
The Serious Sam 2 experience was complete with a shoddy netcode causing people to rarely even be able to join and even get disconnected, to a point where we had to restart the server every other level just to be able to play! And it caused the players to shift a little from time to time - we had over twenty unique people trying to join, which is a great success for an event on this game! Well, 7Smokers, at least - sometimes it’s hard to see who is who since we can’t link Steam accounts to the players in this game. Beyond the issues, we had a great time at this event and finished the campaign after a long haul - some nice discussions about sewer levels, waiting patiently and messing around on a wooden helicopter, taking what felt like ages to defeat the Cecil boss and finishing on a high note with a discussion about… actually, I’m not even gonna mention it.

Sunday was honestly overshadowed by the much more visited underground event on that day, celebrating nano’s birthday with some Quake 3 Arena Fusion. But that’s a recap for another time. The “official” event for Sunday was for the Sonic Robo Blast Kart, which in the simplest terms is a fan-made Mario Kart game but with Sonic characters. Does that also mean the game includes the trademark bumping each other off the tracks right before the finish line? Yes, yes it does. In all honesty though we hardly even remember the Race parts of this event - since thanks to the unfortunate RNG on the post-round voting, all we ended up playing was the Battle modes! Battle modes in Racing games have a strange reputation - more often that not they feel tacked on and strange to play, like the Versus gamemodes in Serious Sam. Imagine our rage when for the fifth time, the one guy who voted to play Battle again instead of switching to Race got his wish as the spinner landed right on his tile! That continued until the end of the event, which was kind of a let down. But in all honesty, this Battle Mode wasn’t even that bad! We even got to play on maps stolen from Seriously! Kart like Block Fort 64 and Double Deck 64. How shameless of them! One memorable moment we DO have from the racing mode is when we landed on the “Daytona USA” map. We all know how much Pan loves this arcade racer, so when this track came on, he was singing along with the tune for the entirety of the race. And he almost won it too! Then he got knocked out of the sharp turn right before the finish line. It’s okay, Pan, Mitsuyoshi forgives you.