Event Recap: Week 18, 2019
By Mauritsio

Why have two events in a week when you can have double that amount?
Special thanks to Lapper Snapper, Roy and nano for covering this recap for me.

This extra long recap for Alien Swarm in particular was written by Lapper Snapper and I’ve decided to integrate it in its entirety into the recap!
Thursday was when we decided to once again put our teamwork skills to the test by playing Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop. While most of our veteran T.W.A.T. team members were absent from the impromptu event, we had a lot of fresh recruits ready to show us their skills and make us proud, filling up all 8 slots for the majority of hour playtime. We started a campaign that wasn't at all new to us, but it was one that we had never beaten before.
It started with a lot of dying, screaming and failing, as per usual when it comes to Alien Swarm. But after several restarts we got back into rhythm and began progressing. The hardest task during this event proved to be the simple sounding task of keeping our techs and medics alive. While one could theoretically survive without a trusty licensed medic at their side (we had some quacks who decided to practice medicine with flamethrowers instead of standard FDA approved space doctor equipment), the same could not be said about techs, since their hacking skills are required in order to progress certain sections of the campaign, forcing a restart if all two of them perish. For that reason the medics and techs had to work closely together to stay alive at least until their services were no longer considered essential, while the rest did their best to protect them. One of the most difficult levels of the campaign had us running around a facility, locating important documents. The objective locations are all marked though, so what's the problem? The answer is simple – backtracking. At multiple times during the level (the whole campaign seemed to be full of backtracking, now that I think of it) you would have to turn around after reaching your objective and face the angry horde of intergalactic flesh eating insects that followed you on your way. At first we tried splitting up in order to get multiple documents at the same time. This proved to be a terrible idea as splitting the party meant halving our firepower and healing while the enemy numbers stayed the same. In the end, the winning strategy was to quickly run back and forth between objectives while hastily placing turrets behind us to help fend off the endless hordes of aliens. The final mandatory slow opening space age door caused a lot of needless stress, especially since most of us were dead at the time and all medical supplies had run out. But somehow we managed to get through it and reach the point where we had stopped last time.
The mines. No, not the ones from before. We beat THOSE mines. These are different. Worse, even. It all starts with us rushing towards a tiny, cramped elevator as aliens burst from under the ground and attack from all sides. You could consider yourself lucky if you managed to squeeze into the elevator among your comrades. You could consider yourself even luckier if you didn't somehow die while the elevator was going down because a bug managed to get inside or the videogame gods simply deemed you unworthy of life. After reaching ground floor and waiting for another huge space door to slowly open (seriously, you'd think they would have invented faster ones with how advanced other technologies seem to be. Oh well. Priorities, I guess), we entered the mines and the true suffering could begin. Allow me to set the scene – the mines were cramped, filled to the brim with aliens of all kinds, some of which were carriers of space AIDS, there were no supplies, no room to fire a gun without hitting three to four of your allies and the kicker? Once you reach the end of the mines, you find a cart. A regular, rusty, metal cart with a bomb in it. A regular, rusty, metal cart with a bomb in it, that you need to MANUALLY PUSH ALL THE WAY BACK. That's right! All the way back! Through all the aliens that are back there and new ones to boot! And when I say "manually push", I do mean it. What, you think the cart will simply move if you stand next to it? What is this, TF2? No. You need to keep pressing E on the cart in order to make it move. All of this, coupled with the endless onslaught proved to be simply too much for us to handle. After countless restarts, countless failed strategies, we were so tired that when we lowered the difficulty to see how different the experience would be, we did even worse than before. For now, we stopped.
But we didn't surrender entirely. Next event we vowed to continue exactly where we left off and beat mines #2 once and for all. So here's hoping that next time I write this, I'll be writing about our hard earned victory.

Friday we had another joint event with the Quake Champions: Doom Edition community! Our last one was very successful with over 20 participants, and this one promised to have an even greater turnout! In this one, the participants and the developers of the mod talked a lot about the process of creating a new champion for the mod - what thoughts go into the creative process and what needs to be done to create one. In the end the event saw more than 30 people joining it! We're definently looking forward to more - in the near future. Maybe we'll be having 3 QC: DE events in one month *again*?

Saturday we played one of the best CTF mods for Serious Sam, SeriousForts! Haven't played that one since its release way back in January. For those who haven't had the occasion to play it, it's a recreation of an old Half-Life 2 Deathmatch mod called SourceForts. The objective is simple, build a fort out of blocks and defend your flag. So simple that Roy once again proved his might in Versus modes with his winrate of 0% 100%!almost While no funrooms were built this event damn you Ryason for nerfing those we still made new amazing traps, such as the one-way only flag drop! I'd like to say that I haven't fell for one even once, ha... ha. Aaaaanyways, the mod also got a pretty small but great update, patching some of the older bugs and including a new map Overload, which quickly became a member favorite! All in all, whilst having some eh, VR-related issues, the event was a blast for everyone!
We were also very happy to see TheLADMan back in the group after a long hiatus! H even managed to record this event and make a nice montage out of it!

Sunday was when we finally managed to find the time to host a Black Squad event, our favorite Counter-Strike bootleg that isn't really like Counter-Strike at all - and it did not disappoint!
It started like any other Black Squad event - asking the host for the server room and password over and over followed by tons of screaming from Lapper. Because the Black Squad interface isn't the most obvious, it takes a while for people to catch on to the process of joining. Half the server was new members trying to play the game for first time, which was nice. And of course we have to(do we?) mention Roy’s 100% winrate at the Black Squad event - he even won the warm-up round with a massive comeback! When Roy’s team got the lead 7 to 6 with 1 point away from winning the game it was up to one of our newest members, Nickul, to clutch against 3 people and yes - somehow he managed to defeat 3 enemy players with his massive newcomer luck! Too bad he used up all his other luck, because he failed to catch that many frags for the rest of the event!
But the 3 kills don't compare against Mauritsio's 4 kills in a matter of seconds - with one of the best victory screeches ever.
This event was a big success we really hope to see more Black Squad in the near future!

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