Croteam Spolight - April
By THE LAW & Mauritsio

Time to look back at the previous month and check out all the Croteam-related news in the third episode of our “Croteam Spotlight”! This month we’ve got exciting news to share about two Croteam Incubator games, and maybe an interesting tidbit about Serious Sam 4 or two…

Beginning with the Incubator news!
Tormental Updates
Since its Early Access release on April 3rd, Tormental has received quite a few updates thanks to developer Gungrounds! A lot of the game’s bugs are now fixed, and the team has been working hard on frequent balance patches. For example:
Those are just some of the more notable changes made to the game. In the upcoming weeks, the game will be getting more patches - the focus here will be on the game’s balance, tweaking the difficulty of the first and second loop of the game. This way, the less experienced roguelike players will find the first loop more enjoyable and overall beatable. For those seeking a real challenge, look no further than the second and third loops. :)

For a more completed changelist, you can view the Steam announcement here!

Battle Bolts Updates
Shot Second is still working on delivering the game patch that will add the online mode to Battle Bolts, one which we are eagerly waiting for!
Those of us in the community who are a part of the internal testing team for the game managed to play it - and we have to say, it is really fun to be able to play with your friends online. But as with almost every new feature, there were some bugs in the game’s code that needed to be ironed out before the online was really ready for a proper release. As such the game’s lead programmer is currently working day and night on fixing them - once that is done, we will be able to get our hands on the patch and meet each other on this global battlefield! Look forward to it.

SCUM Updates
SCUM, Devolver’s best selling-game, for which Fork Parker thanks developer Gamepires, just keeps getting more and more updates every Friday!
Their latest one adds a brand new “Primal” event - it’s gonna give you some Deathmatch action in your survival games.
On top of that, Gamepires has increased the number of fame points gained through the whole event! A new two-seater quad bike vehicle has also been added, so grab a friend and go on an adventure!
That’s just a tiny glimpse at all the new things SCUM has been getting.

For more, head on over to their Steam page!

Croteam’s Discord Updates!
Croteam’s official Discord server saw some reworks last month!
Here’s an excerpt from the announcement post surrounding these changes:

”→  all channels now have their own descriptions, so there's no way for anyone to misinterpret what they are about. Let's hope this keeps the off topic to a minimum
→  the general chat of old was renamed to #video-game-stuff. It was always our intention to use this channel for gaming chat, so now it's clearer.
→  New emojis inbound! - we've uploaded some custom emojis for you guys to use. The list is not done yet, we'll be including new ones as time goes by. Some of them will be of our own team members - not much to their liking. Happy days.”

Of course, the best change to this are the new emojis. The server already has 46 of them, some of these were member requests. We all rejoiced when we discovered the great Damjan Mravunac emoji. Oh, and those 45 others are fine, too.

Finally, the Discord server got two brand new “sheriffs in town” - noam 2000 and Mauritsio. They’re mostly just there to clean up a mess from time to time. If you have any suggestions for the Croteam discord, don’t hesitate to share your ideas in #community-suggestions!

Join the Discord server here!

Reboot Develop 2019
We already shared some of the conferences that were going to be present at the Reboot Develop Blue conference in Croatia last April in our previous Croteam Spotlight episode. There’s only so much we know of what happened at these conferences, as none of them were streamed on Reboot Develop’s official and no footage currently exists of it online. Of course we’ll inform you as soon as they go online, since we know everyone’s dying for some new Serious Sam 4 information.
And who knows, maybe we’ll see something at Reboot Develop Red this fall, which is taking place in Canada?Croteam seems to be hinting at it.

In the meantime, there is this interview with Croteam CTO Alen Ladavac about the indie developer community in Croatia, the Croteam Incubator, and a little bit about Serious Sam 4.

Serious Sam 4 definitely(?) coming to Switch
And we kept the best for last in this Croteam Spotlight! If you’ve read the Serious Sam 4 tidbits article from last month, you may already have noticed that Croteam is alluding to their games, including the upcoming Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass and The Talos Principle, ending up on the Nintendo Switch. This article is the one that started it all - since then many news sources have reported on the forthcoming arrival of the game on Nintendo’s console, adding onto it some extra allusions by Croteam which our article missed. Modders will also be aware of the platform flag in the Editor titled “NX” - which was the console’s internal codename before the Switch was officially unveiled.
All of it points to one conclusion…

Thanks for checking out another Croteam Spotlight episode!

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