Event Recap: Week 19, 2019
By Mauritsio

A much more humble weekend after the previous one.
Special thanks to Global102 and Psychesponge!

Saturday Saturday was a Fusion event where we played two custom campaigns. The first one was The Nether - Part I, made by Potaru-Neko. At the beginning of the event we formed a circle and put Bio, playing as camoflauged Shantae, in the middle. We were surprised when we he started dancing… the default Fortnite dance. Pan then manipulated everyone into attacking an innocent tree. What a master of deception.
The level turned out to be quite a maze with a lot of backtracking. At the end we managed to break the giant red slime (boss) by launching him into the cave roof, eventually breaking his hitboxes and making him immortal. After rigging the boss fight by using nukes, we switched to Serious Duke 3D, which is Duke Nukem 3D remade in Serious Sam Fusion, by Syndroid - a mod which has attracted quite some attention from outside the Sam community, too! Unfortunately almost every map we played ended up crashing, so there isn’t much to say. Nevertheless, we managed to have some nice moments, which TheLADman managed to capture. Go check out the video!

Sunday was another Sven Co-op event! So what happened in Sven? Well, Psychesponge will tell you!
We started our first map that we were desperate to finish, which is called ARCAD2. Our main mission was to activate some laser guns and destroy a space station. But we didn't know that at first. It all started when Lapper tried to figure out on what to do in the level. We were spamming the Use button harder than ever. After some clueless navigation and interactions between random buttons, Lapper figures out on what to do. We follow his steps and march forth.
Our morale finally soared and we approached our first Space Terminal. Upon its activation, it said "Hacking Complete" That's where all the hacking stuff began. The map gave us more objectives regarding hacking. As we all swarm the space terminals and mash our Use buttons, a new meme was born: "Hackerman: The Video Game"
We forced the music bot to play Hackerman music as we kept hacking space terminals by destroying our keyboard's Use button. In the voice chat, all you could hear is people spamming the Use button and Hackerman rave music. We all rushed though every hacked door as soon as they open and devastated the enemy forces. Nobody could stop our Hackerman squad. I wouldn't be surprised if our hands became muscular just from mashing that Use button.
Finally, we reached the Lazer Gun - and hacked it. In the words of Lone Wolf, "it felt like we hacked the ISS". And as Lapper said when that space station got destroyed - "Hacked out of existence".

April was full of interesting new things - we tried out many games we hadn't played in a long while or even at all this month. Doom Golf, The Retro Encounter, The Ship and even our long-awaited continuation of Serious Sam 2 all took place this month. It started out in an interesting way too, with that Fortnite Weapon Pack event. Not sure why all those weapons have so many buttons, it just seems distracting.

So the month has a lot going for it! And it's already being rivaled by May, but let's not get ahead of ourselves now.
The Ship - TTT Murder Party
...takes the win for April! More TTT, even in derivative forms, is always welcomed. And this TTT "spin-off" took a good portion of the group by surprise! That's why it stands as the #1 event of April!