Event Recap: Week 20, 2019
By Mauritsio

Here's a quick recap before I die of fatigue playing Team Sonic Racing all night.

Saturday was a bit of a mess. Our initial idea was to host a Serious Sam Fusion event on Adventures of Pesko - a campaign mod which was ported over to Fusion recently, and we were more than eager to play it! Unfortunately, a Fusion update appeared just days before the event, and it caused some... issues in the moddable version of the game. The rundown is that mods with networking weren't going to run very smoothly anymore... or rather at all. So Fusion is out of commission for some time.
So we needed something else to play tonight, and we needed it quick. Our solution came in the form of Who Dun It, a TTT-like mod for the original Doom. Actually, it's more like Murder, since there's only one "traitor". But yeah, never underestimate the power of the Doom modding community - first a golfing gamemode and now we have this!
For the amount of people we gathered at this event, it was pretty fun! It was mostly a matter of running around, getting confused by who is holding what weapon, punching fellow innocents in the face and not understanding why you're doing so little damage, and trying to keep track of people's armour colours and who is who - as it IS possible for anyone to change their colour on the fly. So when a red guy is a culprit, have fun trying to figure out which of the two red guys is actually the culprit! There was plenty of map selection to go around too, from abandoned mansions to jails and everything in between. Never a dull moment in Who Dun It!
And as it turns out, some parts of this mod are still a little... shall we say, experimental.

Sunday almost seemed like Christmas as we played another game that supports a TTT-like gamemode: Garry's Mod! You can't get any more TTT than TTT itself.
But I digress. We didn't actually play TTT. Instead we played on a whole slew of different minigames - not one single gamemode, but a whole bunch of little different ones. Admittedly, for most of the event, it was looking through the choices we had and trying to figure out which ones didn't entirely suck. But in the end we did find all the good stuff - a lot of Deathmatch-like gamemodes with differing weapons (mostly knives), a volleyball game, quite a few platformer obstacle courses, a skydiving obstacle course (which we still can't really figure out how to survive properly), some sort of Stargate-inspired control point game (still not sure what that was all about), BUMPER CARS, a very confusing developer texture tower and a surprisingly fun to play "fishing" gamemode where you don't actually go fishing, but instead get hunted down by sharks in a lake. And the sharks are the other teams' players. To top it all off, we finished the event with a Tron-inspired racing gamemode. As in, the vehicles are just Tron bikes.
Quite a lineup! What really made this event was all the little small moments in it, which you can view this convenient and short highlight reel for, right here!

Finally, on Monday, we had no official events, but it was an important date for the group - May 20th. On that day, six years ago, 7Smoke stepped into the spaceship LAW-777 and set their first flag on the moon, with the mission to repair a damaged lunar outpost - instead all we managed to do was mess around. We played none other than Moonbase Alpha, NASA's officially endorsed lunar "simulation" game, really only known for its text-to-speech feature. After the first event, it had become a yearly tradition for us to venture to the moon on May 20th. And just last year we almost completely broke the moon. This year, we decided to skip going there as we were still suffering from the previous year's nuclear fallout - but a dedicated backup crew of five 7Smoke astronauts went there and actually played semi-seriously. That is, after waiting an hour for everyone to arrive. In the end we did manage to fix the moon, but in a second round all we did was sabotage each other with rovers, have duels with solar panels, and discover a fully-functional text adventure in the command center. Next year perhaps, we will go there with our full crew - and hopefully not break the moon again.