Event Recap: Week 21, 2019
By Mauritsio

This article was written by the unpaid intern, Stephen.

Saturday we fulfilled the 7Smoke tradition of playing a new Croteam game on the day of its release. And while there's certainly no Serious Sam 4 come out yet, we did finally receive the full release of Battle Bolts! But wait, I hear you say, didn't Battle Bolts release two months ago? Well, it did, but this was the Early Access release - now Battle Bolts has seen its full release! And 7Smoke, in conjunction with Croteam's official Discord server, held another release event or a so called "Fight Night #1" where we played online with and against each other!
Indeed, the major addition to the full release of the game is an online mode! Previously we had to use Parsec to duke it out on the battlefield but thanks to the effort of Shot Second that's no longer the case. We've also seen some balance improvements and added environments to the game - all of which we tried out on this long game night which saw quite a few people join! I'm sure the activity spike caused the Battle Bolts master server to slow down a bit. While we certainly couldn't all play in the same server, we scattered ourselves over several 4-player lobbies and just made the most of it. Everyone, especially Brkya, who tried to prove his worth to Roy all the time, had a good time playing BB, accidentally falling into bottomless pits or dying by Banshee's overpowered martyr. It's certainly not something we'd try every other week but definitely nice to play every so often. Actually, there's going to be another Fight Night next Thursday, where we'll be joined by the one and only Damjan, the game's director, best known for his jamming Serious Sam music and countless Dunes reprisals. We're looking forward to Fight Night #2!

Sunday would have been our usual Serious Sam Fusion fill, but given that the state of moddable there is currently a little questionable, we decided to return to Serious Sam 2, namely due to the unexpected success that our last event on the game had. One problem we quickly realised when scheduling this event is that we had already completed the entire Serious Sam 2 campaign at the last event! Did we really want to go through it all again? Of course not, so for the first time in a very long time (I can't remember the last time, I've said time three times now... five.), we played some Serious Sam 2 custom campaigns! The first one we played was HopStepper by a certain individual known as WarpZone. Now in Singleplayer this might have been something. But um, the enemy balance here is... a little overwhelming. To the point where you'd only figure out if a boss spawned 20 seconds after it actually spawned. And we all know how lovely Serious Sam 2's netcode is. So we quickly skipped over to Mountain Madness by FunkyFinzy, which was considerably more bearable. But the real highlight was a collection of maps by Ryason55 - our group bird's first venture into modding was with Sam 2 and it shows. Giant cube houses, flat terrains... but on a more positive note, some (admittedly on a more basic level) scripting magic. This really showed in Raider City, which had a whole bunch of interactive sidequests like visiting a Raptor Park, guessing a password, or helping out Tyson the Simba. We spent a lot of time just messing around in that City. For good reason - they have free motorbikes and public transportation! I'd love to live there.