Event Recap: Week 22, 2019
By Mauritsio

It's June already!
Special thanks to Roy and Global102 for assisting in this recap.

Thursday night was when we hosted the first official multiplayer event for Battle Bolts - called “Fight Night”. For the third week in a row, we gathered in Croteam’s Discord server and hosted multiple lobbies of Battle Bolts - a big thanks to Gaz, Nano and Brkya for hosting all the events so far!
At the event, we got to play head to head against Damjan Mravunac himself, the creator of the game, and we saw Global and Brkya trying to team up against him to beat him at his own game! There was also some Croatian language lessons held by Damjan, although that is not very family friendly. It was a pretty fun time - we also shared feedback with Damjan throughout. For example - the Banshee tank did way too much damage with its special attack, so Damjan is working on that one! I'm sure he'll have a hard time changing one integer. (I'm only joking, Damjan, please don't hurt me)
This week we expect to have another Battle Bolts event!

NeoFriday was a NeoEvent with unexpected NeoSuccess. By Naneo's request, we played the NeoShooter mod for Half-Life 2: Neotokyo. If summed up, it would be a slower-paced class-based Counter Strike. That's a NeoMouthful, but also the gist of it. We didn't think this NeoEvent would gather that many NeoPeople at all, maybe six at best. After all, it was rather specific and not many NeoPeople had heard or experienced it before. But people dared to try something NeoNew, and we had a blast in the first few minutes mostly just figuring out the game and trying to find out why the Support class is sooo NeoSlow. Oh, and in case you haven't NeoNoticed it, we really milked the word "Neo" at this event, going as far as to change our names!
But things didn't get all that NeoInteresting until the latter half of the event. Just for some NeoContext - this game isn't very active these days. At all. The only people actively playing the game is a small community gathering in servers every NeoFriday. And you guessed it - we met them at the event! It was a clash of two NeoCommunities which ended up in a huge activity spike for the NeoGame! We had some fun with them over NeoChat, and one of their members even tried to teach bench the ropes of the game. We're very NeoGlad we gave this a shot in the end and we definently had may NeoLaughs.
This game has no association with NeoPets.

Saturday was an event with a rather complex origin. Roy made a mini contest beforehand where people rolled the virtual dice using Malfunctioning Japanese Bot and the person with highest number of dots picked the Serious Sam event. The winner was Zerthyam, who picked "Road to Calvary" for the event. The campaign’s reputation caused quite a mess, so after a bried discussion, we decided that it is better if we do the event that couldn't happen 2 weeks ago - the "Adventures of Pesko" campaign, a prequel to "Saving Private Pesko", which was originally released on Serious Sam 3: BFE. Thanks to modders who fixed the ongoig networking issues with Fusion, this event could finally happen. It didn’t take us long to break the campaign, launching nukes using the Statik player model caused many problems already. The event turned out to be a fight not only against Mental’s horde, but also against the instability of Fusion. Crashes, freezing games and low fps were comon, while SeriousCsaba managed to encounter something more unique. Luckily neither Fusion nor Mental managed to stop us from emerging victorious and having fun.

Sunday closed off the week with... Trouble in Terrorist Town! Once again proving that, even with "only" twelve players, we can never really go wrong with TTT. What we newly enjoyed during this event was a set of dances from a specific Battle Royale game that you may or may not have heard of sometime... we used it at all the best times resulting in some amazing dance battles and other moments, one of which you can see in the video highlight below. Other than that, well... I suppose there's not too much interesting to say. It mostly seemed like an echo of our previous TTT event - Pan admin abused to give members way too much health and had them be "boss battles" against all other Traitors and Detectives in the room plenty of times, and Mauritsio tried his best to protect his Kleiner brothers and even became one among them. We also tried to use some new Traitor weapons, like the Spring Mine, but I think we're just as confused right now as to how that works when we started playing.

Another month, which means yet another Event of the Month poll! May was an interesting collection of events as the state of Fusion forced us to go out of our comfort zone a little - events like Who Dun It and Neotokyo pushed the boundaries of what we played just a little, by keeping something of a familiar element in new territories. And the full release of Battle Bolts saw two events on it in direct partnership with Croteam's official server! In short, some great new event types. And now you have the chance to vote on them! Or maybe you preferred the familiar stuff?

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