Event Recap: Week 23, 2019
By Mauritsio

A much more humble weekend after the previous one.
Special thanks to Roy O'Bannon and nano!

Friday was the time for another Battle Bolts Fight Night! We started out with the regular versus game mode - simply where you have to outsmart your opponents and destroy the enemy tanks. Where it really got interesting is 30 minutes into the event, when we decided to spice things up and test the newest “Racing” game mode, which was then in beta! In the racing gamemode, there is a coloured arrow pointing to the tile each player needs to occupy to win the race. This game mode comes with 3 specially made maps for it: DRIVE-THRU, CROSSROADS and SHIFTY LANES. Two new tanks were also released - Medusa and Ranger. For more information on that, you can check the patch notes!
Damjan also came in to play with us and we saw him struggle a bit in the new gamemode - he went mad and just started focusing on killing the players instead of going to the finish line! The mode was great fun, even when there were a few things that needed polishing, like some of the maps. But Crossroads was the best of the three and provided tons of fun!

Saturday was when we went back to play one of the most technologically advanced mods on the Workshop - Procedural Skyways. It also got a pretty sizeable update adding in a whole new map, Procedural Stroggos Installation, based off Stroggos in Quake 4. For any of you that never had the pleasure to play Procedural Skyways, it's a set of themed Deathmatch maps which make themselves! Utilizing procedural generation, the host generates a unique and random map and synchronizes them with the players. Very complicated stuff script-wise, but nonetheless amazing. As for the event itself, it was very quiet... For a bit. Everyone had a bit of a talk about E3, talking about the time schedule et all, until Roy joined while in the middle of watching the EA conference. The conversation went in, uh, places. We talked a bit about games, Roy told us about how he killed a few Sims in very sadistic ways, nano and Roy had a yelling spree on who was ruining each other's game, you know, the usual. All while playing through most of the supported gamemodes in Procedural Skyways. The event was fun. We don't endorse killing Sims, though. Unless you want to, then I'm not gonna stop you, you freak.

Sunday ended with some Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart action. And just to be extra clear - that Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart, not Sonic Robo Blast 2! As nano was led to believe, when he accidentally set up a server for that game instead. But don't worry about it, nano, that happens to the best of us. I once ended up taking a two hour detour because I took a wrong turn going home.
But yeah, nano managed to host a server for us to play this racing game on, even if we did have to wait a little bit! Which also means we had free reign in which tracks we could choose, and we didn't need to worry about any randoms ruining our fun. For Pan, of course, this meant going back to the arcades in Daytona Speedway, and for many others it was playing on tracks that includes soundtracks from our favourite games. Like Gaz, who got to play with some Sonic Heroes in the background, one of his favourite games. And Ryason very much enjoyed the plentiful range of Battle Maps at this event. Everyone else had a good time too. See? We can play things that others enjoy without making a scene. Take notes, internet!

And while not really an event, we've been closely following all the hype surrounding E3 lately! We've mostly been watching the Xbox and Microsoft conferences - with great reactions to announcements such as Minecraft 2, John Wick Cyberpunk, Lego Racers 3 and just now, the Nintendo conference, which made Pan a very happy man again with lots of his favourite games getting retouched. We'll keep our special E3 dedicated channel up for a little while longer, while E3 coverage is still going, so keep an eye on that as people share reports from Los Angeles! (No Sam 4 this year - sorry.)

Ending this with the winner for Event of the Month - well, I think the winner is rather obvious.
There's much that can be said about NeoTokyo's event and it deserves this win without a doubt - even people who weren't there voted for it, because they could just notice the good times we've had there. If you want to be filled in in more detail, you can check the link to the event recap. NeoTokyo is the NeoWinner for NeoMay!