Event Recap: Week 24, 2019
By Mauritsio

Read it while it's still free!
Thanks to Lapper Snapper and Roy (and Global)!

Friday - guess what - it's Battle Bolts again! This time we focused only on the newest Racing gamemode, where 4 people race to their goal tile, while dodging the bullets and shooting your opponents. To make things more interesting, every win was rewarded with an entry for a giveaway, where you could win great games like "I Hate Running Backwards" or "Enter the Gungeon". Even the Computer player wanted the rewards and managed to defeat human players once! Later, one of the "Tormental" developers joined the battle. The giveaway itself turned out to be more interesting than what we thought it would be. Brkya aimed to win "Crossing Souls", hovewer he ended up winning 3 games, where 2 of them were free earlier. Furthermore, Global got the game of Brkya's dreams and decided to blackmail him. Shady tradings between Gaz and Brkya failed thanks to region lock. Yet another Battle Bolts event ended up being successful, even for Brkya, who did indeed manage to get "Crossing Souls" at the end of the event. Good on him!

Saturday - would you believe it - we played some brand new content for Fusion! Stop the presses, because the Workshop is finally alive again!
Well, that's a little hyperbole. But we were pleased to finally try out something new, a gamemode in the form of "Drop It!" by nano. And if you've ever heard of Hot Potato, it's exactly that, but with Serious Bombs instead of potatoes. Once the round starts, one player at random is given the bomb, and they have to directly throw it at another person to pass it on to. If they can't do that in 20 seconds, that's when they explode into many many small pieces, and the "potato" is passed onto a different person. Accompanied by plenty of useful Protips, such as "Don't get blown up" or "h", and more tips of 'comedic' effect, this is a deceptively simple mod carried by a lot of charm and fun times. But this event also served as something of a public test for the mod, because as it turns out, there's still a few interesting bugs lingering around - for example, you could actually pass the bomb onto the corpse of a dead player! Not exactly the intent, but this has been fixed since. We played mostly on "Serious Fantasy: Legends" maps, some of which work better than others (turns out Daisy Cruiser is just a little too large), but accidentally left auto-cycle on and ended up in "Brkeen Chevap", which we've now decided to rename into "Brkya Chevap". Brkya's really been going places - he's even got a Battle Bolts level named after him!

Sunday was the time to fill the week with something that isn't Battle Bolts or Serious Sam - and usually these days, it ends up being Garry's Mod - be it the well-known TTT or maybe some Minigames? Either way, this week we set out to try something we hadn't picked up in a while - Slashers! It might not exactly be Halloween yet, but we've had Christmas events in July before, so this isn't really new. The first thing to mention about this particular event is that we decided to use custom player models instead of the default ones from the game mode. Now, you might be saying “Won’t that completely ruin the immersion and fear factor of the game?” and buddy, let me tell you – you haven’t experienced fear until you run for your life in the darkness, chased by the roaring sound of a chainsaw and then, when you realise there’s no escape, turn around and see a happy little anime girl rushing toward you with murderous intent. For some players the fear of such an encounter is so great, that they’d rather cower in fear for the duration of the whole round instead of helping their friends, which is exactly what Lapper did, despite being the only one who was actually armed with a gun. We played through all of the maps, except for the Hotel map due to many of us having content errors, including the fan favourite – the School. Some of us made the tasteful joke that the killer should be armed with a gun instead of a melee weapon, as to be a true school shooter... Yes, I know, it’s hilarious. Things were also kicked up a notch by Goldfreak and Global, whose “murderer RPs” bordered on being either horrifying or just disgustingly creepy.
As we started screwing around, we found out that we can use the server’s point shop to buy actual guns. That changed everything. Remember that school shooting joke from before? Roy sure did. We force changed the map back to School, except this time, we all had guns. But that wasn’t enough. We had to take it even further. With the help of our nano's wonderful bot music playing capabilities, we played Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” the entire time while we committed things that were bound to put each of us on FBI’s watchlist for life. This was the highest point. The event peaked and we were no longer sure if anything would ever top it. While at the start we merely proposed that this should be Event of the Month, we were now all clamoring for the Event of the Year award.
And with that, the event finally ended. While to an outside reader, this might seem like the absolute most horrible turn of events, to those of us who were there the experience was unlike any other. It’s inexplicable – you had to be there. But hey, there’s always next time!