Event Recap: Week 25, 2019
By Mauritsio

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This recap isn't even my product - it was made possible by the collaboration of Pan, Danker and Gaz!
Thanks to these three wonderful people!

Friday, we played Neotokyo - a Counter-Strike like FPS. Joining together with the main Neotokyo gaming community, we played several matches where 7Smoke had varying levels of success. Whilst Pan managed to actually kill some people, he ended up being slaughtered if anyone told him where an enemy was. And if that wasn't enough he was also brutally team killed six different times by six different people! Anomalous also had a great round where he was unable to voice chat or type and he had the "beautiful" objective in his hands. His three desperate team mates screaming at him to get the objective back to base, worried for the other three enemies somewhere on the map waiting to kill them all. He managed to return it for a fantastic win.
The survivor of the event was Ryason55. Although he was killed many times, like so many of us 7Smokers, he ended up being the last one alive on several occasions which ended with many of us gambling on his survival or not. Hang in there, Ry.

Saturday - here in 7Smoke we're used to Serious Sam events, but not so used to Counter-Strike events. What do you figure would be the most optimal solution to a problem like this? Playing Counter-Strike in Serious Sam, of course, thanks to Serious Strike!
Serious Strike is a mod by nano that aims to recreate Counter-Strike's gameplay mechanics in Serious Sam, this includes being able to plant the C4 as well as having all the weapons from Counter-Strike: Source available for you to use. During this event we played quite a few iconic maps from Counter-Strike's history such as de_dust2, de_inferno and Global Offensive's own de_overpass. This doesn't mean we only played on official CS maps though, since we also played classic community maps like fy_pool_day.
And just because the gamemode revolves around Counter-Strike doesn't mean that all the maps have to be from that game!Wwe played a few maps from other games that have been repurposed to fit this gamemode such as Kakariko Village from The Legend of Zelda and Daisy's Cruiser from Mario Kart: Double Dash (by Pan - surprising.) as well as a map from Quake ported by Ryason55 to have a little bit of variety going on, other extra maps such as de_bilibili_defense and mcdonalds-mds-v2 were thrown into the mix as well. Those names probably mean nothing to you if you're not into the Counter-Strike loop, but they were popular maps back in the days.
And don't tell anyone I told you this but we were really able to "do it to 'em" during this event.

Sunday we united at the tower in Tower Unite! The #1 game for socializing over the internet, appearantly. This time, as usual, we met in the subway, and while some of us were still loading due to optimization, others were exploring the Workshop for some player models, which caused nano to turn himself into Todd Howard, just to remind everyone in the server that they forgot to buy an another copy of Skyrim for their coffee machine (at all costs), while Gaz started adding some furries to the NSF casualties.
After some dabbing, we decided to play laser tag. Just like in the Neotokyo event, we've raised server activity playing this gamemode to the incredible quantity of 8 people (including 2 random people). After two matches, we went to the theater to watch some videos, including SFM animations and Doom SuperShotgun ASMR for half of an hour. Then we played 1 game of virus, and later, Minigolf. After finishing 5 holes, our host's computer just couldn't take it much longer and we got kicked to the main menu.
Not the outcome we expected.