Mod on the Spot - Serious Strike
By nano

Hiya, I’m nano. I’ll be your narrator today for this seventh special episode of "Mod on the Spot". And today, I’ll tell you a story about the creation of a certain mod called Serious Strike.

It mostly started back in December of 2018, when I was sketching out ideas in my notebook while bored in class. I was conceptualizing how a bomb defusal gamemode would work like, with the team detection, bombsites and etc. Once I had my ideas pretty much set and on paper, when I went home, I started working on it. With noam 2000 very generously making the bomb weapon model for me, I started the initial bomb planting logic. I got it working in around two days, with an actual explosion effect after the timer runs out!

The next thing I began working on, was the defusal mechanic for it, which was also a pretty easy thing to pull off. A pretty early version of it can be seen here.

With the most important thing done, I moved onto smaller, yet still important game mechanics. First off, the in-game shop. Originally it wasn’t supposed to even have a menu. Everything was supposed to be keyboard-based. But thanks to some instructing by NSKuber and using his CWM menu as a base, I got the menu to spawn and detect my button clicks!

Once I got that working, it was really easy to script the actual shop sections, with the first purchasable weapon being the Steyr TMP straight from Counter-Strike: Source.

Aaaand, that’s about where the 2018 story cuts off. I kind of set the mod aside, wondering what would I do about filling the weapon sections. At that time, I was using custom weapon resources for the shop, which would bring Serious Strike’s requirements to around 20 other mods. Obviously, I didn’t really want that, so I set the mod aside and focused on other mods (the Portal Gun at that time).

The story picks up again in March of 2019, when I accidentally rediscovered the mod’s files. This time, I was determined to finish it… But I still had that weapon problem to fix. Originally, Noam suggested me to ask Vanya for permission to port his quite old CS weapon replacements back from BFE, he also mentioned that I should try and maybe port most of the weapons myself. I mostly discarded the second option out of laziness, and went ahead to ask Vanya for permission. He agreed, but mentioned that the resources are quite old, and might not both look presentable and hold up to today’s “standards”. And well, when I started porting them, I kind of realized that even with them, I won’t be able to fill out every single category in the buy menu, plus I would still be missing the grenades.

That’s when I decided that maybe trying to port the weapons and the animations straight from Counter Strike would be a good idea. For starters, I tried porting the grenades and the knife. They actually turned out pretty good, which just enforced the idea of porting all the weapons.

The process was pretty lengthy and also boring, but in the end, I got them working. All twenty-something weapons. And that was most of the core gameplay actually done. The only thing that was left were the maps. With the help of Pan and Noam, I got them done very quickly. Pan helped with porting de_dust2 and Noam with de_inferno. I myself ported that one McDonald’s map, because why not? It’s not like I only have to include only official content. It’s my mod after all. :P Either way, with all that, the mod was finally ready for release. We even threw a small release party as an underground.

Ever since then, I added more and more to Serious Strike. New maps like fy_pool_day, de_bilibili_defense, and possibly my biggest port ever: de_overpass, which makes up for like half the mod’s weight, and of course bug fixes. While I was busy doing that, other modders such as Pan and Ryason55 were making their own Serious Strike maps. Pan’s maps were as colorful and fun to play as ever, and Ryason took advantage of the modding capabilities of Serious Strike in his port of Canal Zone from QTF.

Serious Strike overall remains as one of the mods I’m the proudest of, sitting right next to Kitakami and Quake III Arena: Fusion. It was really fun to challenge myself with making such a complex gamemode, and even more fun to play it with others. As for the future of Serious Strike, I’m not stopping development on it. And who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing a massive update very soon. Counter-Strike had more than one gamemode, after all. :)