Event Recap: Week 26, 2019
By Mauritsio

Starting off the new month, hopefully a fruitious one, with a big recap!

Wednesday, we... "wait a minute!", I hear you say. "The event week started that early? On Wednesday?". Okay, you're likely not actually saying that, but yeah, the week did start on Wednesday with... Battle Bolts, as is a weekly tradition right now. While moreso an event on Croteam's server, it's announced in our server too, so it deserves this tiny recap. The event went pretty good with around ten to eleven people joining it. We played only the classic game mode for Battle Bolts, as during the last few weeks, we pretty much only played the racing mode. At least now we have more variety in the game. Notably, Goldfreak made a lot of mistakes in the event, as seen in this tweet...
Thursday was something totally different as a small few of us joined the 7Smoke Cinema to watch... Mr. Bean?! It's actually a rather funny story of why we decided to watch Mr. Atkinson's famous comedy shorts - you know some of our members have a "mematic" (is this even a word? well, it is now) obsession with the edible kind of beans. When we found this CG-animated movie, Killer Bean, that looks like a parody but actually holds some quality on its own, we knew we had to watch it for the jokes - we preceded that underground event with watching the "other Bean guy" - Mr. Bean, of course! And now we've turned it into its own event. Luckily Mr. Atkinson has uploaded all the older Mr. Bean episodes to a YouTube channel - legally! Even from the cartoon. We took full advantage of this and picked out whatever we found funny to watch, which is just about everything, although this one remains a favourite.
Friday was officially an Underground Day, meaning anyone could schedule events on whichever game they felt like playing. Perhaps people were up for some Guild Wars 2, Tabletop Simulator, or hell, even Roblox! While none of those ideas really ever took off, the one that did was a Worms Armageddon session organized by Danker. Six of us did our best to be tactical and think in trajectories to blow one another up with well-placed shotgun shots, lots of dynamite and the occasional Holy Hand Grenade. Alongside Danker and four others, we also had Mike Uchiha joining an event, and I think we all severely underestimated him - while we were busy throwing everyone else off the edge, Mike took the time to block himself from the shots and, due to a fatal miscalculation by Vanya, won a round while the other more experienced Worms player could only watch. And the last round was an amazing moment on its own - a pirate-themed map where Mauritsio killed 4 worms in one turn with the Uzi or shot one of his own worms.

As seen in this video.

Saturday we did a great deed for our country. In times of need, especially with Mental's illegal alien immigrants entering the country, the safety of our nation is at risk. Most of all, we must protect the one who keeps the courage and morale intact - our President. And we did exactly that when we played the Protect the President gamemode for Fusion! Although we had a bit of a rough start and made our President Hate Running Backwards (just to be clear - the president is randomized every round), we quickly picked up the pace on a more varied set of custom Survival maps including Stonehenge, Nameless Hill of the Forsaken, Medieval Battlegrounds... even Vanilla maps came around the rotation!
As protectors of the president, it was our duty to do anything necessary to ensure his safety, even when they're feeling a "little down" and "don't want to live anymore" (Roy... that's a touchy topic!). One of those duties includes large blood donations. So much that just to be very sure, over half the people in the server donated their blood to Lapper when he first became the president. Although we didn't instantly figure out that health doesn't stack like that, so what we ended up with was a lot of wasted blood. Eh, the janitor will clean that up later.

Werebulls would kick around the President for many more times to come.

Sunday was when we decided to return to our Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer adventures! While the event got the record of nine people in a single GTA session, it didn't go quite as planned. Instead of adventuring, we mostly did death match and some races. And despite the event not reaching the hype of the last few GTA events, it was still pretty entertaining and members had fun. We plan to play more GTA 5 soon - mostly in smaller session of 4 to 5 people - as Underground events. As this event taught us, the official ones end up too chaotic!

The races may have gone a little out of control though.

Okay, you all know how this works, and I'll leave the introductions behind me. This is the time for Event of the Month June!
After this one we'll be halfway through the year! And as for the events on vote - well, there's plenty to go about. Ups and downs, mostly ups. Vote whichever one you enjoyed the most...

...right here!