7Smoke's Slow Summer Simoleons
By Mauritsio

Although the Steam Summer Sale is ending any moment now, there's a chance some of you still have remaining money in your Steam Wallet, but the problem is that you're not sure what you should spend it on. So just like we did with this article back during Steam's Winter Sale, we asked around what amazing games people would recommend should someone still have some leftover cash in their pocket. Here are those recommendations!
DISCLAIMER: These recommendations include anime, so you might be inclined not to take them seriously.

The Colourful Man's Selection: Asterix & Obelix XXL 2

I never read an Astérix comic. I never watched an Astérix movie. I bought a copy of the game because I had heard favourable things about the franchise. Plus I’m fond of beat ‘em ups and platformers. I’m glad I bought it. I love beating Roman soldiers while listening to this nifty tune.
This game is a remaster, the original was released in 2006. It has features that are not in the original, like combat missions and a fast travel system. Here’s a list of the changes.
The developers have confirmed that a sequel to this game will be released this year. I'm looking forward to it.

nano's Selection: Rabi-Ribi

Rabi-Ribi is a cutesy bullet hell platformer developed by GemaYue in collaboration with CreSpirit. You take the role of Erina, a rabbit turned into an anime girl seemingly overnight. (Contrary to popular belief, this happens quite often in Japan.) With no idea of what happened to you, or where your actual home is, you begin the search for the answer to all these questions. On your journey joins you Ribbon, a fairy who has also lost her other friends, due to them being captured. Equipped with nothing but a hammer, you have to fight your way through various locations filled to the brim with bullet firing enemies. The bullet hell tag is there for a reason. During your journey you also encounter a group called UPRPRC. They're a group of uh, bunny lovers, trying to capture any actual rabbit living on Rabi Ribi Island, and they're EVERYWHERE. You might want to avoid being captured by them, just sayin'.
Speaking of the enemies, the bosses are tough as heck. Even on the novice level, I manage to die to them like 8 times before I finally manage to win. (I'm probably really bad at bullet hells though.) Another aspect of the game that makes it stand out, is that it's non-linear. You can finish the entire game without even picking up the first (and only) weapon! While it's cool, it's probably really fuckin' hard, let's be fair. The cherry on the top is that Rabi-Ribi supports modding. You can modify everything, from the in-game portraits, to the actual character sprites! While I haven't finished Rabi-Ribi yet (currently on chapter 5, I think), it's a really solid purchase. For only ~$10 for the base game and around ~$4 for each of the two expansions, which add new bosses and a new story; Rabi-Ribi is a solid recommendation for any platformer fan, who can withstand the anime artstyle, of course.

THE LAW's Selection: Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is currently the best and most popular game in the slasher/horror genre, which has become a pretty niche one. The game is well balanced and does a good job putting you in the shoes of a serial killer. The game offers a lot of different killers with unique game experiences that you can get invested in - if you enjoy bullying your victims by slowly sneaking behind them and stalking them - you can do that by playing Micheal Myers, The Pig or Ghost Face. Other characters like "Legion" and "Doctor" are focused around intense and constant chasing - not letting your victims catch their breath.
While the game still lacks some quality of life, for example, giving the survivors a chance to fight back, like in Friday the 13th and other games in the genre, it is much more well balanced and with 90% less bugs than the other games in this genre.
It's a must buy if you enjoy slasher style games! You won't find a better one in the genre. Also, a lot of 7Smokers play it, so we can all team up!

Brkya's Selection: Mad Max

I have to start by saying that Mad Max is a criminally underrated game and I've noticed that it went under many people's radars. It's a third person open world game that takes place in the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max.
The two main gameplay mechanics (driving and fighting) are really well made. If you've ever played any of the Batman: Arkham games, you'll notice that their combat systems share a lot of similarities, and that's not a bad thing.
The plot is simple: Scrotus and his War Boys stole Max's iconic car ,the Interceptor. You find a car (Magnum Opus) after yours is stolen and your goal throughout the game is to get the Interceptor back.The story is simple,but it fits the theme.
My favorite part of Mad Max though, is the environment. It's a huge wasteland filled with stranded ships, crashed planes, ghost towns, enemy camps, buildings buried in sand... and a lot of stuff to do. The game's main focus is clearing out camps and unlocking new stuff for your car.
For €5, you can't go wrong with this game.