Event Recap: Week 27, 2019
By Mauritsio

Welcome to the opposite half of 2019, where the non-Serious Sam events get more people than Serious Sam events.

Wednesday was, yet again, time for Battle Bolts! Last week our joint event with Croteam went pretty okay, but sadly a lot of the primary 7Smoke Battle Bolts players couldn't join this one. Gaz's PC had overheated, while Regnant and Sleepman had to skip due to sleeping work. But fun was stll had, and the event went on for two hours! This week, we plan to do one last event before taking a long break of a month.

Friday we pondered what we might play. Looking through our requests, we noticed Global102 was very eager to play "Q-Clash" again. Okay, what is Q-Clash, you ask? Well, you'll never guess this one: it's a minigame in Roblox.
Yes, if you're new here, we play Roblox. We're sorry, we like playing things we enjoy! Don't laugh at us when the Fortnite event comes along, okay?
The funny part is that we never ended up playing Q-Clash. We did play all kinds of other minigames - we started out with a linear platformer level where Mauritsio gladly flexed with his platforming skills he's picked up over the years, beating half of the game while everyone else was stuck on the Candyland level. After that, we played Arsenal, which is like Gun Game from that one Serious Sam Fusion mod, which totally didn't take inspiration from Call of Duty or whatever... although the regulars dominated us, a few of our members ended up winning rounds, including Global, who had practiced for the shooter minigame Q-Clash but ended up owning this instead.
But none of that got any close to the highlight of this event. We found a server called "Action!", which includes a bunch of set locations which let you... shoot your very own Roblox movie. When we figured out how to get into a team together - you know exactly what was going to happen. Four actors, one technician and one director/writer - with Global at the helm of 7Smoke's very first action-packed movie, and a diverse cast featuring the characters CJ Dude and The Pope, and SFX maestro Mauritsio, we premier the very first 7Smoke original movie (which is an absolute mess - but hey, it was still fun to make).

Featuring a plot twist that takes up over half the movie.

Saturday we played one of the most well-known custom gamemodes for Serious Sam, Virus by Ryason55! It was, surprisingly, a really small event - only 7 people came around to play. Hard to believe for a Serious Sam event, isn't it? Our maps of choice for this event were the maps from Pan's Serious Fantasy: Fusion pack, which were fun as ever. The event went by pretty quickly, with our old pal Fusion crashing like 3 times. Apparently it cannot load textures that are already packaged by Croteam. Really makes you think, doesn't it?
The crashes were only one thing we tried to run away from, though. The other one being the Anime CootiesTM. With a noticeable majority of the server using those gosh darned anime models, the event quickly became a fight to not get infected by an anime girl wielding a weapon. Everyone got infected in the end, proving that you cannot escape the anime cooties. And you never will.

Csaba couldn't hide forever.

Sunday ended the week with en event, although given how things went, you could also call it two events in one! The main attraction, and that which was advertised, was Tabletop Simulator, and we didn't focus ourselves on one aspect of this fun Simulator game, either. What we initally came for was "Superfight", a game about arguing. In a very basic explanation, you draw a character card, and two trait cards. It's then up to you to argue against your opponent which character would win in a duel to the death. Mauritsio argued a little too hard against Noam, causing his internet to disconnect multiple times - though I think Noam was just rigging it. Although we had planned to make 7Smoke-themed cards for this occassion - that didn't come to fruitition. Perhaps next time!
After that we played a whole lot of other board games - one of them named "Bazinga" and oh god I still can't believe we played that. It's so simple to play, but the board looks like something made in a hurry in Microsoft Paint. You should check out the screenshot below. But somehow, we played this for like half an hour. Imagine growing up with this instead of, I don't know, Catan?!
Speaking of bad memes, we played - as nano described it, "Zoomer Cards against Humanity" or officially known as "What do you Meme?". It plays the same, but the card in the middle is a meme image and you have to assign it a good enough caption. Luckily we got bored of that one quickly enough.
After playing some Uno (always love me some Uno), and browsing through what else we *could* play, we ended the event. But during our browsing, we stumbled across a minigolf course. You know what other game we play sometimes supports minigolf? Tower Unite, and as it's Vanya's first introduction to the game, we thought it great to end the event with minigolf in the Tower. That "after-event" lasted an hour, but was just as fun!

Seriously, who came up with this? And why did we put up with this?

The closure for this recap will be with the winner of Event of the Month June. And the winner for this month is a fated one. It had to win Event of the Month last year, and it just barely did. But this time, it wants to win Event of the Year. It's not pulling any punches - or rather, holding back its slashes. The winner is:
Garry's Mod Slashers!
There's always that one event during the month people have a habit to call the "Event of the Year" afterwards, and it usually ends up winning Event of the Month, at the very least. With Slashers, it was no exception. The... escapedes... in the US Highschool map, will never be forgotten, because you'll see this one come back during the Event of the Month nomination. Congratulations to Slashers