What's Smokin?! interview: "Know the Member" with Brkya!
By The Interviewer

The Interviewer: Welcome to today's new "Know the Member" episode! Today, here in my cave, we sit with one of the newer 7Smoke members - Brkya!
Hello, Brkja, how are you feeling?

Brkya: Hello Interviewer! I was feeling quite okay, until you spelled my name like that.

The Interviewer: Alright, so Brkya - you are quite a new member and so your memories must be fresh. Tell us - how did you end up in 7Smoke?

Brkya: It's an interesting story,to say the least...
It actually all started with me watching TheLADMan's YouTube videos. I watched a couple of them and thought they were pretty interesting. At the time I just got Serious Sam on Steam and I had never played it with other people, so I wanted to play with the group in his videos. After a little bit of searching, I found the 7Smoke steam group, and on that day, I made a decision that I regret every day... I joined 7Smoke.

The Interviewer: What was your first experience with the group, and what were the first impressions you got?

Brkya: My first experience is quite unforgettable. When I joined, everyone was really friendly and from the start I felt like a part of the group. My first impression was that the group was really friendly and welcoming to new people which I, as time went by, noticed is very true. Oh yeah, and I also sold my soul for a Bogus Detour key in my first 10 minutes in 7Smoke. 10/10 impression.

The Interviewer: How sweet!
Was this your first time playing Serious Sam, or did you have previous experience with the franchise?

Brkya: Oh, no no no no no. I grew up with Serious Sam. The first Serious Sam I played was... The First Encounter.
I remember when I was a kid,I was hanging out with my friend playing Tekken on PS2 and we got bored of it, so I asked him what other games he had and he pulled out Serious Sam: Next Encounter.
Yeah yeah, I know, not the greatest Serious Sam game ever but that was the first Serious Sam game I finished. My friend and I played it every time I came over, and after we finished the campaign, we didn't know what to do so we just played it again. Good times.

The Interviewer: What are your favorite 7Smoke activities/events to participate in?

Brkya: Well, it depends. I mostly participate in Serious Sam and underground events.

The Interviewer: Are you a pirate?

Brkya: Yaargh!

The Interviewer: Nice.

Brkya: I wasn't a pirate before I joined 7Smoke. Mike showed we the pirate lifestyle, and I liked it.
EDITOR NOTE: This seems like a strange conversation, but this is what happens when you stick yourself in a damp cave for months. Your mental sanity degrades and you're not sure what to ask anymore.

The Interviewer: How do you see your next few years with the group?

Brkya: Getting bullied by Roy.

The Interviewer: I hope you pay that $4.99 once you turn 18!

Brkya: Well, if that's the case, I'm leaving 7Smoke the day before my 18th birthday.

The Interviewer: Wow... how toxic!
You have been a beta tester most of the Croteam Incubator games. Which one is your favorite and why?

Brkya: It's gotta be Battle Bolts. Do I have to say why?

The Interviewer: The question said "why"...

Brkya: Ok, fine. They put my map in the game.

The Interviewer: Is that your biggest life achievement?

Brkya: No, my biggest success in life was getting GTA 5 for free, but that does come close.

The Interviewer: What is your favorite Serious Sam mod or campaign?

Brkya: The 7Smoke Tennis Project 2018: Blue Edition.
EDITOR NOTE: Spoiler alert - there's going to be an update on the next one, the Red Edition, at the end of this week! Tell your friends, enemies and frenemies!

The Interviewer: Nice, good taste.
So, my final and very important question... why do people call you a gypsy?

Brkya: Pay $4.99 and you'll find out.
EDITOR NOTE: Due to legal reasons we cannot include Brkya's paypal account, in case you wanted to purchase this information.

The Interviewer: Well, that was it for this episode! Thanks for joining me Brkya, you can now say whatever you want to the readers as a final remark!
And we will be back next month with another member to interview! See you then!

Brkya: Thanks for having me!

Global is gay.