Event Recap: Week 28, 2019
By Mauritsio

This week is just the start of our transformation into a Doom mod group.
Creds to Roy and anomalous for this recap!

Wednesday is usually when we talk about the weekly Battle Bolts event - but after this one, we're taking a long break from them! For our last event before the break, nothing too special happened, but one funny moment is when Gaz came to play the game with his Little Brother. Everyone said hello to his little brother, but then we hear something much heavier and grumpier! Wish that was on footage...

Friday started off with the first of two Zandronum events this weekend, where we played through the game Hexen: Beyond Heretic, the sequel to Heretic. Like Heretic, it is once again on the Doom engine, but with even more features, bringing back the inventory system, but also adding three distinct classes you can choose, the Fighter, the Cleric, and the Mage. Most important, and painful, was the capability to group maps into several hubs, where you can travel between each map within a hub, with keys and buttons found in one map affecting other maps. What proceeded was nearly four hours of agony as we got hopelessly lost, finding switches and keys that opened doors in some obscure corner of another map, constantly being reminded that we have solved one third/sixth/ninth of the puzzle, and generally wandering around aimlessly as our sanity began to plummet. We even eventually had to break out a walkthrough just to figure out what to do next. Not to mention since anyone could change the map just by walking through the portals, there were countless times where we got stuck in an endless loop of someone repeatedly going back and forth between levels, dragging all of us alongside them.
Unfortunately, the event was cut short when a scripting error resulted in one level becoming unbeatable after we killed several enemies too quickly, and so most people took that as their cue to call it there and say "GG," although a tiny handful of about three people plus some randoms still continued through the rest of the game with the help of some of nano's admin powers to let them skip to some maps that weren't broken. Despite that and all the suffering, it was a fun experience to go through, bashing and blasting monsters with fists, maces, or magic, the feelings of relief when we make actual progress, and in general being able to play more Doom-like games.

Saturday night, the main event of the week, we chose to play a classic 7Smoke event: Deathcount - on the TFE campaign! Deathcount is the classic spin on regular Serious Sam where one of our players, usually Pan, keeps track of how many times someone dies throughout the campaign. The person with the most deaths then "wins" that event.
But Pan didn't have to do any work! Nano made a special mod for the event, which counts all the player deaths throughout every level! We had around 14 players in the server - and after seven straight years of playing the Serious Sam TFE campaign, we somehow managed to break Ugh-Zan, by making him T-pose and rendering him immovable. Usuaully this means the level would be unbeatable, since the only way to kill Ugh-Zan is to lure him to the middle of the arena - but we found our solution in Statik's nuclear missile and saved the world once again!
And who "won" you ask? Appearantly it was Roy, but he keeps saying it's Goldfreak because "technically" Goldfreak left in the middle of the event. It was definitely Roy.

Sunday ended the event weekend with another go in Zandronum, this time a mod requested by anomalouslymandatory, Push: Griefing Made Legal. The goal of Push is to, well, push the other players off the platforms into the death pits below, armed with a gun that fires fast lasers that push lightly, slower arcing grenades that push heavily, and your fists with divide people by zero and send them careening into the distance (and also a vanilla Doom rocket launcher that wasn't supposed to be there and was too slow to be useful at all). A simple concept taken to the extreme, two hours of jumping and pushing ensued as we made our way through the first handful of maps, feeling the thrill of flying through the air, doing our best to snipe others off of ledges, trying and sometimes succeeding at making recovering and making our way back to safe ground. We also got to witness the glorious N map (in actuality, it was a Z, but ssshhhhhhh), as well as the very brightly colorful train map by Mike12, or to go by his other name, HDoomGuy (and if you don't know what HDoom is, don't worry it's a perfectly family friendly mod).
It may be a simple mod on paper, but it still provided enough fun to last the entire two hours, and with a total of seventy maps to play, Push may very well return in a future event.