Event Recap: Week 29, 2019
By Mauritsio

Our friendship with Battle Bolts has ended. Quake 3 Arena is now our best friend.

Friday we gave everyone the opportunity to schedule their own events on this Underground Day. While the day itself was quiet - we just assume everyone was a bit tuckered out - you could still find Lone Wolf and Brkya playing some Dead by Daylight - but beyond that, it was somewhat quiet. Well, getting rest is important too. :) Instead, we'll move straight onto...

Saturday, where we checked off our craving for a weekly Serious Sam event. And we did this by playing two very well-known custom maps: Deathrun, and the one and only, infamous SeriousWare! Though the event was not without its issues. See, we may have wanted to test more properly beforehand, as Deathrun didn't even properly run when we first played it, instead it would just crash after a few seconds. Once we got a fix rolling fifteen minutes later, we were finally able to play properly - when we discovered that map visibility was messed up, and teleporters between worlds didn't even work at all! This couldn't have gotten much worse, unfortunately.
But we made the most out of it still - spawning a running gag to pass the time in "I Hate Deathrunning Backwards" - put on an IHRB model and walk past the track backwards. In honesty, I tried, but died before I was halfway in the first world. Both of those deaths were easily preventable. But hey, you can't deny it's a novel concept - a backwards Deathrun? Sounds like a crossover dying to happen...
Inbetween rounds, time is artificially slowed down so players have the time to switch to the teams they're randomly assigned. But this slowdown has the tendency to carry over between levels, so when we switched and started playing SeriousWare, we were playing it at 1/4th of the speed! A server restart was necessary to fix that, but it was a little awkward to hear the music go at its normal pace, but the events occurring seconds later. But in another way, it was also strangely funny. If only we were able to win some more rounds, because as it turns out, SeriousWare is a lot more tougher than we remembered it being.

Watch out, Kleiner! Oh no, he can't hear us!

This recap was written by nano. Many thanks to him!
Sunday we played the true game of the year, every year (totally unbiased), Quake III Arena! We started with q3dm0, but never went back to the official maps. Our map roster consisted of mostly my completely unbiased picks, such as rats maps and the rest of my favorites. We began with a map called Obec: Zastavka u Brna which was mapped after a small town in the Czech Republic. A pretty sweet map. Then we moved onto maps that you might all know from Q3A:F, like reqkitchen, padshop, etc. Did I mention that the picks were completely unbiased? Of course, I didn't forget about the greatest thing Q3A introduced, suicidal space maps! Everyone likes to get pushed away from the map by a bouncer for absolutely no reason! Especially Lapper, who I personally tormented with a map that combines his two most hated maps: q3dm17 and q3tourney6. Everyone was laughing, except for poor Lapper who tried to contain his anger of being thrown miles away out of the map by a wrong step on a bouncer. In the end, the event lasted nearly 2 hours and we had lots of fun playing. I guess this finally marks the changing point of 7Smoke. I'm personally turning it into a boomer gaming hub.

Lapper's second favourite combination, beaten only by ice cream and waffle cones.