Event Recap: Week 30, 2019
By Mauritsio

Starring a guest writer...

Friday, for the second week in a row, we hosted an Underground Day! A little more activity than last time, luckily, with a gang of three in Global102, Mauritsio and Sleepman playing Tabletop Simulator to learn sone new card games: "Machi Koro" and "Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: A Mouthful Title", the latter which took us 15 minutes just to get a hang of the rules, and in which Global proves once again he's the second best 7Smoke traitor around. We were teaming up, darn it, Global! As for other games, Byrka and Lone Wolf jumped into Dead by Daylight again. A fairly quiet day, other than that.

The following recap was anomalously, not mandatorily, donated.
Saturday day serious sam event. we play fusion 2017 level serioustest obelisk temple nec. serious sam mep serioustest is good but crash when god kamikadze apper. we say fuck serious map and play nec rusian map. cyka bleat map ok we laugh it fun map but it look like area 51 level ?? wtf ???? we complete the map than move map obelisk teple. ok map seriosly fast click mause game. after we play serious map agan. we play but map crash again ? croteam know ? croteam fix that ? nano host say fuck shity map and move seriouswares servival map. gaz showed his cat. it look like BERUSS SAMA O.O i try ask cat if he like dragan ball Z but cat no respond :( the cet no do KAME HAME HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

WTF dorito chip gun ???

Sunday closed off the week with a strange event. When we play Garry's Mod, you're usually expecting TTT, or some minigame collection. But how about we play a fully fledged racing gamemode instead? We're not even kidding - we played GMod Race for our non-Sam event, and for a racing gamemode, it's... well, interesting, to say the least about it.
This is not Mario Kart, mind you. There are no items, you can't drift and the cars aren't karts. They're based on real life racing cars, but not the Formula 1 stuff - just cars you'd see passing by on the highway on any sunny or rainy day. But the maps themselves are all over the place. The one that caught our attention right off the bat was called... Panda Faggot. Yes, really. This isn't a joke. Good thing we'll never really figure out what that map was about because it didn't work! Like much of the maps, too. Most of them tried to force you to drive backwards to pass through the right amount of checkpoints, a lot were littered with developer textures - and there were levels with invisible walls on the whole of the track width that instantly bumped you backwards. Although that didn't always end well. Only one of the maps was really enjoyable, so at least there's that.
Oh yeah, this mod has a fair assortment of music, too. You've got the well-known ones like Déja Vu or Running in the 90's, but also, the peak of musical entertainment, Crazy Frog! Anyone who says so otherwise is wrong, and that's the only opinion I'll ever hold up as fact.
So what was left in it when we got tired of this strange mod? Well, some of us didn't want to call it quits just yet, so with the help of nano, we hosted a post-event Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart server - and we had our fair fill there. Pan finally discovered a Daisy player character mod, which made him very happy. Except for the times where he came in last, because if that happens, your player character blows up.
And Pan doesn't like it when his waifu blows up.

Also featuring tracks a little too narrow.