Event Recap: Week 31, 2019
By Mauritsio

Starting off the new month, hopefully a fruitious one, with a big recap!
Credits for helping out this week go to Roy and Global102! Thanks guys!

Friday, Roy finally came back from his two-week vacation - and to commemorate, decided to host another Neil Breen movie night. We watched his third movie: Fateful Findings, where he once again played basically the same character from his previous movies, a guy who saves the world with hacking, supernatural skills and causing a bunch of people to commit suicide (don't worry, they were evil!). He also sports a great tight butt. The movie night caught the attention of around 10 people, which is quite a lot for a movie of such... quality.
We have three more Neil Breen movie nights to host, and once we have watched all the Neil Breen movies - we will drоwn in sadness.

Oh no! Mr. Breen, get down!

Saturday, we played Drop It once more - a gamemode inspired by Hot Potato, made by nano. Players have to give a bomb to another person before it explodes in their hands. One of the changes from the last time we played was more helpful protips in the top-right of the screen, such as "Wiedzmin has DRM" or "subscribe to noam".
This time around, we decided to give the vanilla maps some time to shine, which means we played on popular maps such as "Hole" or "Brkeen Chevap", as well as some of the worse ones like "Fiaca", where the sun is your worst enemy. It turned out that we were playing too well on smaller maps, so the time between receiving a bomb and explosion was greatly reduced, causing panic among players. It didn't take long for us to start cheating and giving bombs to corpses in order to avoid death - a bug that remains to be fixed.
Nano gave a promise that by the next event, Roy will receive a Donald Trump player model, so keep an eye on the workshop this week!

You might think there's no image here - but click it, and see the bright light of Fiaca for yourself!

Sunday saw our return to the Old West with Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West, one of our two favourite western shootout games to play on - and quite frankly, it's looking like it's not beaten by Fistful of Frags. Which is not to say that this is a bad game by any means, but it's aged quite a bit. And that makes a lot of sense, because this game is... well... not very alive. I'm pretty sure we caused a server spike, much like we did with Blub Volley back in the days, and that caused the master server to go a little bananas. Hence all the lag we were experiencing! But hey, anything we can do to bring some activity into this decaying game is good enough for us.
As for the event itself, we had good fun despite the latency issues. We started out in capture the flag and demolition gamemodes with pretty balanced teams - meaning we constantly kept getting ties against one another! Most of the time we weren't even able to get the flag (in this case, a sack of money) out of the base because of how many bullets were flying into the room, or the spiral staircase you have to traverse to get out of the cave. Eventually we shuffled the teams and then everything became one-sided again with one team always taking the glory.
And after having enough of the game continuously getting game ties, we had enough of it and just jumped in for some old-fashioned Team Deathmatch, with many wondering why two shotgun blasts to the face do not deal any damage (thanks to lag), or why there are sniper shots coming out of the waterfall.
At least some of our disappointment was remedied with Sonic Robo Blast Kart 2 in an underground post-event, bringing with it a whole slew of amazing highlights, most of which involve Lapper's "enjoyment" with the game.

Just let them be. They're having a moment.

We're now halfway through our Event of the Months, with an impressive assortment of winners thus far! Let's have a look:
January: 7Smoke Cinema - Smokemania 2019
February: Quake Champions: Doom Edition
March: Garry's Mod - Trouble in Terrorist Town Renaissance
April: Garry's Mod - The Ship
May: NeoTokyo
June: Garry's Mod - Sla
A rather powerful lineup. Plenty of Garry's Mod. Maybe we should give it a break and let other games get in?
Like... Serious Sam, the literal mainstay of our community, which isn't even in the lineup so far? Whatever, it has a chance to with the second half of the Event of the Month: perhaps in Event of the Month June!

And you can vote for it right here!