Event Recap: Week 32, 2019
By Mauritsio

This week: a new mainstay game for 7Smoke and clear blue skies all week.

Friday is an event that's a little tough to remember for me, but for a positive reason - all the underground events we had on this particular game are blending together with the real thing, and it looks like Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart is becoming one of our newest mainstays for the time being! Just recently Pan has made a purchase for a dedicated server on the game, allowing us to play both inside and outside of official 7Smoke events. It may even be pleasing to hear that people are using this server frequently, who aren't even in 7Smoke! It seems like a bright future for SRB2K.
This event in particular though, marked the turning point. On this new server we tried out all sorts of new ways to play around with - most notably the introduction of a horn system where you have a collection of literal hundreds of sound to equip - one of our favourites is a Japanese kabuki yell, which Mauritsio and Lapper proudly equipped - and it always managed to lighten up the mood.
Outside of Racing, there's also a Battle mode - but this time we went with Battle mode Plus, which essentially adds a whole slew of new gamemodes for the standard implementation of the gamemode including things like Hot Potato or Team Battles. As it turns out, some of these could be a little too difficult or hectic, even for us, and that's not something you hear every other day...
Finally, there's something to be proud of - SeriousCsaba ventured into modding for this game, and managed to leave with a pretty good looking racer sprite for Courage the Cowardly Dog, a character from the cartoon of the same name which also happens to be one of Csaba's favourites. And it was well received among those who first saw it on the 7Smoke server, both inside and outside the group! (He also made a Roy O'Bannon kart, but that uh... maybe should not go public.)
Many of us are much looking forward to more events on this game in the future.

Click the image to see the Roy kart in action.

This recap was made possible by nano.
Saturday was... drumroll... a Serious Sam event! Okay, calm down, calm down you all. Before you suffocate from gasping so much at this relatively unknown secret, let me tell you that we do them weekly.
Anyways, Biomechanoid's Serious Sam HD: BFE mod was our pick for the event. It's basically a "remake" of HD (or demake? I have no idea), bringing all your favorite aspects of the modern BFE into it! Like the absolute lack of color and the fan favorite skybox, ClearBlueSky. Who doesn't love our good pal ClearBlueSky? It's universal! This event also brought Roy the Trump model. I had to do it in order to still stay a moderator. Overall, the event went pretty good. We crashed only a grand total of one time! I didn't even know about it, since I went AFK for like a good 5 minutes. Oh and also, we've managed to assassinate the president. He was yelling something about Crooked Hillary and getting her locked up? I don't know, but you better pay close attention to your next CNN news block.

Ugh-Zan has become Mr. Blue Sky.

Sunday concluded our event weekend with a very special event of Cards Against Humanity, the very wrong card game. In the past, we always played this game together using a website called "Pretend You're Xyzzy", but unfortunately, this site was taken down about a year ago. Much to our surprise however, it came back from the dead recently, and we took full advantage of it, by reviving a set of custom 7Smoke cards we had planned to use for a previous Cards Against Humanity event. After that we went on our way to finally play CAH again!
And the result was just great. With many combinations of both old and new 7Smoke inside jokes, some of which had us laughing for minutes on end. There's too many good ones, but since we have to pick, here's our favourites. Be warned, these may be offensive to some... but that's the whole point of the game anyway!

Unfortunately, the Angela Merkel card only gets an honourable mention.

Before I get into our winner for Event of the Month, I would like to address the runner-up, as I feel there's an important question that needs to be asked.
Did you all vote on you-know-what unironically?
I can't believe you-know-which-one got that many votes. Had it not been for me checking again at the last hour, we'd probably have seen Battle Bolts as the winner for this month. And yeah, I get it, Battle Bolts is a great game and all... but out of the maybe five people who were at those events? Consider me crazy if you voted on it legitimately, but still... what a future that would have been.
Anyway, now for the real winner - it's none other than:

Tabletop Simulator: Superfight!
Though perhaps Superfight was not the highlight - "Bazinga!", the most amazingly verbose board game in the history of man, wins an Event of the Month slot. I suppose there was enough fun to be found in something so simple, huh?
Sheldon Cooper would be proud.