Event Recap: Week 33, 2019
By Mauritsio

Actually, this is a rather ordinary recap. I have no witty headlines.

Friday may not have been NeoTokyo's big break after a very successful premiere event at 7Smoke that ended up winning an Event of the Month poll, but it was more like, as nano put is, an "official underground". Indeed, NeoTokyo did not attract too many NeoPlayers - just four, in fact, and the more dedicated NeoTokyo community that also gathers every Friday to play wasn't showing up this time for some reason. So with the four of us, and give or take four randoms, we made the most of it - pretending we're good at the game, talking about our personal lives, so on, life goes on.

Saturday made a much more lasting impact as we went to the Wild West - no, not in Lead and Gold, but in that other (and frankly better) Western shooter game - Fistful of Frags! Much to our surprise, the game has actually seen a lot of change since the last time we played it, which surely must've been at least a year go. Since then there's not only been changes to core mechanics but also a whole slew of new maps to play on. And the best part about these maps... is that they all have trains riding through the middle of them! Clearly one of the best features in the game, as it saved the lives of certain players multiple time. Mauritsio even saw an opportunity to have a shootout on top of the train (which he lost - but hey, opportunity!).
Roy also likes to boast about his general skill in this game, making an attempt every round to stay far on top. But he had many challengers this time, including a up-until-then relatively unknown member who just so happened to see the Steam announcement for this event, and challenged Roy's claim to the metaphorical throne several times! His name was Catweasel, and maybe we'll see him around sometime again.
Perhaps the most important takeaway of this event is the fact that we all took a lesson in manners. Saying "hi" when you cross someone in the street is an important way to build up courage, and since people were being cocky mentioning this before killing someone, we thought we'd say it every time, even if the match ended in both parties running away. What ensued was a match of people just screaming "hi", "hello", and the occasional "bye". Rather a fun time!

...And the occasional hangover.

Sunday ended on a fitting note - we have always held Pan's mod in high regard. What are we to say of the qualities of Serious Box Solid, Seriously! Kart? That they're the best mods around? Yes, that seems truthful. But you know what is also a great Pan by mod mod by Pan? Plastic Patrol, or more specifically, Plastic Patrol 2: Replastered, the continuation of the epic battle between the Green and Tan armies. A masterpiece in, and beyond, its time.
And guess what? Croteam thinks so too. That's why we decided, after community vote, to host an official event on this now world-famous mod. And it went exactly as you expected - with nothing gamebreaking happening! Everything worked fine, as is to be expected of a master class modder such as Pan. No enemies got stuck at the very edge of the map 3 kilometres away. Nothing caused players to crash, at all! Not even 7Smoke could break this one, no siree.
Although the campaign was (rightfully, because Pan's mod make no wrong decisions) on the short side, we were able to fill the latter half of the event with Serious Ware. Everybody loves them some good Serious Ware now and then. By the way, that mod is still a Work in Progress, as it constantly reminds you in the top. I wonder when we'll get Serious Ware 2?

What are you talking about? This T-Rex looks completely fine. Have you never seen an African dinosaur before?