7Smoke Tennis 2018: Red Edition - Release Date!
By Mauritsio

Last time we talked about the 7Smoke Tennis: Red Edition, we were going on about how we'd finally made it to the Alpha stage, and that things were progressing pretty smoothly, although we remained cautiously optimistic. Well, since then, we're already at the end of the Beta stage - in fact, just about everything sans one certain aspect of the campaign is ready to go! Until then, we are fairly confident to pin down a definitive release date for Tennis Red:

That's right - the 7Smoke Tennis Project 2018: Red Edition will release this Thursday, August 29th!
At first we weren't sure on whether we'd even release before the end of September, but as for development, things have moved at a much faster pace this time - perhaps thanks to experience, as this is our second time doing such a large-scale project.
Everyone who's contributed to the end product - even the ones who only helped out a little - are more than eager to show what we've been working on for those past two years. Yep, we've really been working on this for over two years...

Part of the reason it's taken so long is because of one of our original modders, TheLADMan. With no due offense to him, he had been ambitious with his original entry to the project, where he had been taking far too long to finish a considerable amount of his level. Even then, the level was straying far off the mark in terms of what we wanted for a Tennis campaign. And so the decision was made for LADMan to continue working on his map as a seperate project which became Mechanical Instincts. We've supported this decision of his, even if it wasn't an easy choice to make for him. Instead, Sly7745 took the helm of the campaign with his level. Actually, here's a full level list of what's to be expected:
  1. Uncharted Planet by Sly7745
  2. Ocean Shrine by Mauritsio
  3. Trust by Harry 2K19
  4. Ancientry Within by Thanadrax
  5. The Dome by bench
  6. Total Carnage by PikaCommando
  7. Caves of Miranda by UrbanDeHuman
  8. Infiltration by NSKuber
  9. Forward to HQ by NicePixel
  10. A Game of Domination by noam 2000
That last one is the one you've seen so much in screenshots - but all the maps are equally looking to be exciting. Did you know that bench was originally slated to be tasked with making the final level of the Blue campaign, but still ended up making original music for both sides of the project?

And while we're talking about non-mapper contributions, it's important to give some shoutouts to a new artist we've gotten on board - Armpitcore420. He helped us out making the character portraits during the times of our voice acting casting call, and we decided to keep him around a little longer - he's helped us make a very special introduction cutscene to the mod, so I hope you'll be looking forward to that, and more special surprises in the campaign. Like with our assortment of voice actors, for instance - you might be hearing some 7Smokers fill in cameo roles... :)