Event Recap: Week 34, 2019
By Mauritsio

Soon, it will be the end of an era.

Friday was an Underground day! And what better way to spend that than with your best 7Smoke buddies. Or alone in a bed, somewhere. Regardless, some of us got together to play some more of that delicious Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart! We tried some brand new game modes like Wipezones, a game where you are always going at 200cc speeds and cannot stop. If you hit a wall or each other or anything then you will EXPLODE. Needless to say many of us couldn't handle the intense speeding action that came with this so we soon swapped back to our regularly scheduled karting programming. But with new maps! Who doesn't love driving on Sonic R based tracks or some more Windows 95 based tracks.
It's great that the game has lasted this long and the server remains so well populated. Even if people join just to shit over Anom's favourite character or demand admin abuse. They'll never get it! We be casuals over here. And that's how it'll stay. Can't wait for the next event.

Saturday we played a very unique addition to the Serious Sam modding roster - Man Hunt by NSKuber, and this is unlike anything you've played in Sam. You may already be familiar with the gamemode however, through BFE - in which everyone but one player becomes a controllable kamikaze and must try to get the finishing blow on the "real" player. But with the power of Fusion, this concept has been expanded by... by a lot! Now you can control every enemy (barring custom ones) directly, in an RTS-like interface/top-down view. As a long-time fan of those kinds of games, when I first saw it, I couldn't help but squeal a little bit. And with full integration of Survival and Beast Hunt modes, we were not short of content to play. Thought it's a little buggy, but that's to be expected of such a release event - it was more like a stress test. Surely fixes will be arriving in the coming days.
Often times we tried out best to break boundaries - in one map we ventured with half the server to the edge of the map, and in another we tried to play in a barely-lit tomb, which actually is much more interesting to play than from the first-person perspective.
We also had fun ending the event on SeriousWare - obviously not a perfect fit for a mode like this considering you die by a lot of things - enemies not being one of those. But hey, this is practically tradition by now.

Seriously, I want this Serious Sam RTS game to happen!

Sunday ended the event week with a very, very, very loud moment. It was the end of an event of Trouble in Terrorist Town, which we're playing semi-regularly these days. With the powers of admin abuse, Pan spawned in one too many Kleiner NPCs - one of the default characters available with a Garry's Mod install from Half-Life 2, and one that Mauritsio is particularly attached to. So much so that's he gone out of his way to kick anyone who dared kill the Kleiners from 7Smoke! Pan even made a point out of it to spawn in a hidden Kleiner in the map - good thing nobody found him, in the end, or there would have been even more blood. But it all reached its peak when the event was nearly about to end, and Pan gave a minigun and maximum health to Mauritsio to exact revenge on the #1 Kleiner murderer - Global102. Unloading all his ammo into him, and screaming "GLOBAL ONE HUNDRED AND TWO!" into the microphone so loudly the neighbours heard it, Mauritsio had got rid of all his frustations for the month in about 20 seconds. A shame this moment was not recorded, but at least Global will never remember the loudest of screams he's ever heard.
There's plenty of other stuff happening in TTT too, but I felt this was the most memorable moment to include. Actually, this event almost wasn't TTT! Pan, our server host, overslept, so we filled the time by preceding it with skribbl.io, an online version of pictionary. Maybe that should've been a full event. Or maybe it will be?

Kleiner knows more than he's letting on.